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Additional table bbcode options available - posted on 5th Mar 2018 at 3:12 PM
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#776 Old Today at 8:51 AM
The countdown actually says it's for judging.
Field Researcher
#777 Old Today at 9:25 AM
Thank you yavannatw..just wanted to make sure
Turquoise Dragon
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#778 Old Today at 2:41 PM
@broomhilda61 before you go reinstalling the game please check Skype! I know this one...why it is happening.
Lab Assistant
#779 Old Today at 4:10 PM
@broomhilda61, if you have the UC, just log into Origin, go to the TS2 UC, and find the repair button. No reinstall required.

Source: Have done fool things to my game in the last two months.

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#780 Old Today at 7:09 PM
Thank you gdayars and bbostic..

I already reinstalled the game and now going to to reinstall SimPE..

I all ready did the repair thing with UC..

Ok this is what is going on: long list

First I wanted to get rid of the fringe on the babies crib and the changing table baskets..got that all was good..nothing happened to the game..I was even able to use the crb/changing table..
Second I started messing with the mesh of one of the Armoires..well this is when things started messing up..one recolor would show but not the other 4..
Third I didn't do anything to the dresser just want to recolor it..one one of the 5 would show up..sometimes

Something is wrong..I went back over and over again for the last 3 days trying..I finally gave up today..

I took out all my downloads except all my recolors and a few MODS that I can't live without

Recolored those 2 items nothing..only 1 would show up..on the Armoire but not on the dresser..

Now I have to say I have recolored the Armoire and dresser before..and ALL those recolors are showing in the game..

I don't think this is the best place to be talking about this..I am ok ..took a nap and now going into the game to regenerate a downloads folder..reinstall my SimPE..get the preferences up and running..and try it again..

This topic is for the contest..and don't want to tie it up with this..mess I created..

Let's just say I won't be messing with meshes again..not ready to go into that and will stick with my recoloring and live with what is already there in the game..oh these are all in game items that I am doing right now..

I have around 2 weeks now to get this next round finished..
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