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Default [Tip] 1.12/Ambitions: World Editor Custom lot sizes now possible
I guess this is interesting for builders, so I'm sticking it here:

1.12/Ambitions introduces a World Editor tool so that users can place new, empty lots in a neighbourhood. However, those lots only come in a few prefabricated sizes that for a lot of people aren't terribly useful.

There's two mods now that enable you to define your own lot sizes:

1. ijLotSizes by Inge Jones: http://dino.drealm.info/den/denforu...php?topic=207.0 -- this is just a small package with a list of sizes, ideal for people who don't want to stuff their game with more mods than they need. You can also tune the XML to use the sizes you want (XML tuning is very simple, see the Create forums for info and help).

2. AwesomeMod 1.12 and up: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/s...ic,15185.0.html -- has a console command to add custom lot sizes for the current game session; ideal for people who already use it anyway so they don't need to download another mod.

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