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#1 Old 10th Apr 2016 at 7:36 PM
Default Custom tourists
I'm creating a custom vacation hood, and I want my own tourists. I've read this tutorial, where it says I need the NPC Maker Fix and Fewer Tourists, as well as the Blender to townify them. My question is: are those really necessary? Can I townify them using Teleporter Cat and then continue following the tutorial (without NPC Maker Fix and Fewer Tourists)?
PS. I don't mind having my custom tourists + default tourists.
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#2 Old 10th Apr 2016 at 9:23 PM
I have no modding skills, so these are just my thoughts based on the descriptions of said mods:

That tutorial seems to use the NPC and townie maker that can be spawned using testingcheatsenabled. According to Cyjon's description of the NPC Maker fix, the NPC and townie maker is broken, and this mod is about fixing that. If you're going to follow that tutorial, I'd therefore download that mod for safety's sake. As for Fewer Tourists, I'd use that as well if I were you. He says that the game might end up creating no tourists at all if it doesn't find twelve families with four family members each. With that mod, it will accept other configurations and fewer families, but all families should contain at least one adult or elder.

I use the teleporter cat to create townies and have never encountered any problems using it. I've never made tourists, but I'm pretty sure that it has an option to turn sims under your control into tourists as well. I'm not sure if the cat has any option to put several sims into the same tourist family, however. I cannot remember having seen anything about putting tourists into families in the cat's pie menu. Personally I'd rather use the cat than deal with the troubled NPC and townie maker if possible, but I'd definitely create a test 'hood to try it out, or at least make a backup (which one should always do when messing around with these things, anyway).
#3 Old 10th Apr 2016 at 11:26 PM
Pan Am, I guess my tutorial does not clearly state that custom tourists won't be functional if you create them without those mods. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll edit the tute.

Yes, you do need Cyjon's mods, otherwise the tourists will basically be townies, you'll meet them on your community lots in the main neighbourhood (if I remember correctly, the one difference I've noticed between those broken tourists and townies, is that you can't call the broken tourists, they "don't have a phone"). Meanwhile, your sims will spend their vacations in empty hotels because the tourists won't be there.

About the sim blender, it's what I use for townifying but indeed, you should be able to use any other way of turning a controllable sim into a townie. The point is only to make them townies first and tourists next, because if you don't, they remain in the family tree in the UI.
I'll edit that too (when I'm less sleepy^^) to make it sound less like it absolutely has to be done with the blender and nothing else.
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#4 Old 11th Apr 2016 at 7:17 PM
Ok, thanks for the answers. I was trying to avoid having to download mods that I wont't normally use, but I guess I can't avoid it *sigh*
#5 Old 11th Apr 2016 at 7:35 PM
I hear you, but those are only needed to perform the touristification, if that can comfort you at all. Actually the NPC maker fix is only needed during the creation/customization of tourists, it can then be removed from the game. They're tourists now and will act accordingly without the fix. That mod also doesn't cause global reset (it never did for me), so it's easy to add when needed only.

I'm not sure about Fewer Tourists, I never removed it since I found out about it, and if I tested then , I forgot.
Cyjon says that it prevents the game from "not generating tourists at all". Does that mean not showing up anywhere in the vacation subhoods unless the mod is there? I'm afraid it does, but I'm not sure, I haven't created tourists recently, I'm rusty.
Needs testing
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