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Default Can't upload .zip file updates to my existing creations - upload doesn't go through
Hi, I don't know if this is a problem that you're already aware of, but I have been trying to upload new .zip files to add to my sims uploaded here in order to update their clothes for the new categories added by the Seasons patch, and I can not for the life of me get any of them to go through, aside from the first one which took about 20 tries before it finally went through. Now I can't get any further uploads to 'take'.

I tried, over and over, both the old upload system and the newer Flash-based system, and neither of them will work. They just stay on 'Sending', and then eventually time out saying the connection to the server was reset during the upload. I tried clicking the Debug box and the line-by-line progress showed the item uploading little by little, then completed, but then ended with EXCEPTION: with a blank line after it. Help?? Thanks!

ETA 22 June: Today I managed to get all but two of the updates to go through, by using the old uploader and repeatedly carrying out a cycle of clicking on the 'Zip or rar To Upload' Browse button, browsing to the file, clicking Upload Files, then immediately going back and clicking on the Browse button again, browsing to the file again, clicking Upload Files again, over and over until it finally resulted in an upload (about 5 or 6 cycles). The Flash uploader still won't work at all.

The two files that wouldn't upload were the two biggest files, at 4.5MB and 7.8MB (those two are collections of outfits rather than one outfit), whereas the ones that went through were 1MB - 2MB, so size may have something to do with the problem? They still time out with 'the connection to the server was reset'.

ETA 24 June: I finally got the remaining uploads to go through by breaking them into multiple, smaller, zip files...

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