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Default SOLVED - How to NOT lower the damn water level?
Fixed it


I'm trying to sculpt the edges of a lake, editing a community lot. I keep accidentally lowering the damn water level and can't raise it back up without leveling all the water. Then when I try to make a lake again, my edges are all jagged and ugly. I try to smooth them, water level lowers. *headdesk* I swear I googled this first. Mostly says click certain tiles to raise it back up. Which ones??? What do they look like? Is there some cheat I can use? Is there a way to adjust the pressure sensitivity of the water tool or something so I don't make jagged edges in the first place? Thanks for any help.

Is there some variable I can change in SimPE? Some build tool? I'm not a builder but I'll use a tool if you just tell me which one and how.

Behold my sad, sad lake.

[edit] The worst part is undo (ctrl-Z) does NOT raise the water level back up after a mistake! Aaaaaargh!

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Drives me up the wall that one too.

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Have you tried GridAdjuster?

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Originally Posted by Nysha
Have you tried GridAdjuster?
Is that this tool?


I read the description but couldn't find anything about it changing the water level. Does it do that?


[edit] Found a thread here with this snippet. What the heck is that and will it help me?

Modding method1:
1. ...\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Sys -> open Terrain.ini with notepad/wordpad
2. reset WaterToTerrainSurfaceOffset and/or WaterLevelBelowTheMinBoundaryHt
Modding method2:
mod the terrain shader ?


[edit 2] Finally just leveled the darn pond, remade it with the awful water tool, then smoothed the edges by ONLY RAISING and NEVER LOWERING. Raising does not appear to screw up the water level but lowering does. Then had to repaint the pond edges because water/make flat/water/make flat/pull out hair/water removes the terrain paint. Now to play test it and see if I can still fish. (Also added a playground and toddler bathroom. Was trying to make a park kid and toddler friendly.)

[edit 3] The edges are smooth, plants are placed, and it's fishable. Now I'm happy!

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