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Default Labels and Data missing in SimPE?
I use SimPE for fairly straightforward stuff and have the same issues everyone seems to with the layout occasionally getting borked, etc. but, overall, it works. The issue I want to ask about is what can I do about missing labels or data? For example, I can read some of the labels for interests, or menus, but not others. They are just cut off or missing. Then some data that other people seem to be modifying just isn't there, making tutorials pretty hard to follow. Any help is much appreciated, especially with the blank extended browser as I want to mess around in there!

Blank Data

Chopped Menus

Missing Labels
#2 Old 13th Feb 2018 at 6:04 AM
Can you let us know which version of SimPE you're using? There's been developments from the creator of SimPE recently, and newer versions are being worked on by @Quaxi.

Here's the thread that's been active recently. The newest version is

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Maybe clear cache, or reset layout?
Go to Extra/Preferences...

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Wow! Just wow! @Quaxi back! How did I miss that?! Seriously, I'm crying I'm so happy.
*ten minutes later*
Ok, crying less... I had reset the layout many times, but not cleared the cache, so I did that, but nothing changed. I had a fairly new reinstall of QA (alpha) (the EVERYONE SimPE), and I hadn't seen the more recent one. I downloaded and installed the one that Quaxi uploaded in that thread. The labels and menus are still cut off as they have always been, but the extended browser and the nightlife traits are there, as well as the bon voyage stuff that I have never seen before! That's really exciting, so thank you very much!

How cool, and strange, it must be to find out we're all still here using this tool like crazy.
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