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#1176 Old 19th Jan 2019 at 3:55 PM
Originally Posted by Johnny_Bravo
Floor plans of the mock-tudor. I thought I finished the home, but it seems I still have a garage, bedroom, and backyard to decorate, lol. But those are minor.

It looks really good, another one I could easily live in.

It feels like forever since I last played, but today I've been working on my recreation of a rather unusual house tucked away in Devon; Arlington Court. I've decided to take it back in time to before it's juxtaposing Victorian wings were added and portray it in its Regency formation. The style of which is very unusual, people debate as to whether it's Greek Revival or Severe Neoclassical, personally I like to think of it as Regency Brutalism.

Then I've also been working on my Claydon House-inspired creation. I'm rather pleased with the buffet I've created in the Dining/Breakfast Room and the configuration of the below stairs rooms, but its Library still needs a bit of work (and light) to finish it off.

After my prolonged absence I feel quite strange being the first post in 2019.
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