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Lab Assistant
#76 Old 7th Mar 2010 at 7:56 PM
Hi simmers! I think it's time to bring up this absolutely stunning thread!

I will soon give you a little mini-tutorial on how to make buttons- without photo skinning!
I've learned from .Hanna.Webster (Thanks a lot honey )

So just wait a bit

This thread is wonderful! So good! I think everybody can learn a lot from this, and share ideas!

Keep on skinning!

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Lab Assistant
#77 Old 7th Mar 2010 at 10:40 PM Last edited by Nors : 13th Mar 2010 at 12:58 PM. Reason: An image will not show up >:o
How to create a easy button - without photo scanning!
Okay here we go! Just follow this simple steps to make a button for your creations. If it's a bumpmap with the mesh you are using, that is a +.

So here we go. Fire up your image program (PS, GIMP, PSP etc). Self I'm going to use PhotoShop CS4.

Create a new file and create a new layer. The new layer we name to "Button".

Click on the marking tool, and choose the circle. Press shift on your keyboard and drag out the circle. Shift will get your circle perfectly round.

Now click on the gradient tool (can be under the bucket-filler). In your left upper corner, click on the gradient-image to set the gradient. Choose your colours (A dark and a lighter/white tone of that colour) in the gradient-pop up. Click ok.
Now drag the gradient in the direction the image shows:

Now, make a smaller circle, press shift again. Position it so the circle is in the middle.
Drag the gradient again, now in the opposite direction:

Make a smaller circle than the one you did before. Keep on with the shift key. Place it in the centre. Drag out the gradient in the opposite direction than before (aka the same direction as the first one).

Now it's time for the are around the holes! Drag out a little circle, still with that shift key. Place it in the upper corner in the circle you made a second ago. Take the gradient and make it dark. Now, go back to the marking-tool and use your keyboard arrows to move the selection. Hold shift to take bigger steps. Use the down-arrow and place it under the dark one. Take the gradient tool and do a middle-toned gradient.
Then go to the left with the marking tool, there fill it up with a really bright colour. Then go up and do a middle toned one, like you did in the left-down-circle. Look at the image to understand something :

I think you get the point? Right? But now it's time to actually make the holes!
Make a new tiny circle with the marking tool, still with that irritating shift. Make it smaller than the are-around-the holes-circle. Place it in the middle of the first circle to the left. Click on backspace (delete on a mac?). Move the selection like you did in the last step, and delete the space (If you do not understand, take a look on next picture)

It's time for thread! Yay! Make a new layer. Call it "thread". Grab your brush and do some strokes in dark brown, light brown and greyer tones. You can also use the pen tool if you so prefer.

Add some drop down shadow on the thread layer. (Sorry for Swedish text) hit okay when you're done.

Do the same for the "button" layer. Merge the "thread" and "button" layer together. No your finish! Congrats! .

How do I take it to my clothes?
Just copy and scale down the button to use it to your skins. Here is this little button, scaled down on a maxis skin. I think it look pretty awesome, actually . If you got a bumpmap, just go a head and bump that button up!

Hope you learned something from this long and easy tutorial :p

Tumblr: Springbunnysims
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