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#2876 Old 6th Feb 2018 at 12:29 PM
Mark Broke (Unborn baby Broke) was so close to being the only Broke/Dreamer child so far to not be a teen/young adult parent... looking up at the planets, 4 days to becoming an adult and bam. Sucked up by a UFO. Pregnant. I used the pregnancy scanner, he's pregnant from a red headed alien this is the third time (in a row) this alien has abducted my sims! He's giving the baby up for adoption to his step-brother's sister-in-law, whom just gave birth to an alien herself (the half-sibling of his unborn baby). I was really hoping being gay would've prevented unexpected babies, but apparently not.

Brandi loves her grandchildren, although she really wishes her children would wait a little longer to have babies. Still, she's quite upset that this baby is going up for adoption.

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#2877 Old 6th Feb 2018 at 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by OnayaW
Yeah but this is more a for fun projects really -w-'

Then you just enjoy.

Why is it the songs we hate the most set up permanent residence in our brains? Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://bulbizarre.neocities.org/
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#2878 Old 6th Feb 2018 at 8:09 PM
So I've been playing Pleasantview for a couple of rotations, and I added Bluewater village after the second rotation. I let all the scripted events play out, so Cassie got left at the altar by Don, Daniel was caught cheating with Kaylinn and got kicked out by Mary-Sue.

Daniel took Lilith and moved into a small house. He had to take a loan to afford it, so they are very broke. Lilith had bad luck (or didn't pay enough attention to birth control), but she had a child at 16. She considers leaving him with her grandparents, because Daniel isn't really a good Grandpa or father to have around, and she really wants to go to college.
Daniel has been dating Nina (among others, they are in no way commited) and they also had an Oops-baby when they woohood on a public sofa, right in front of the sales clerk.

Angela and Mary-Sue are very boring. Mary-Sue keeps bootycalling Daniel, but also wants to marry rich. Angela wants to go to college. Angela might have fallen in love with Melody Tinker on the Tinker's rotation, but Melody is also mad at her. I don't really know what happened there.

Nina is living alone with the baby.

The dreamers are also boring. Darren paints and bootycalls Cassie, but he doesn't roll wants to marry her. Dirk is still together with Lilith, but he is so busy with his job that he can hardly finish his homework, let alone have free time for anything.

The Brokes are happy. Brandi had a daughter. Now she wants to get married again, but not have more kids. Dustin still works as a criminal, and he is really sweet towards his siblings. Beau loves to dance. Brandi took a job at J'adore bakery, but now they have to figure out who takes care of little Cheyenne when she is at work. They took turns and asked Nina for help once, but this can't really go on.

Dina decided to speed things up and get pregnant, so Mortimer had to marry her. It took her a couple of tries, but she did manage to get pregnant. Only Mortimer didn't show much inclination to get married anyways. He did treat her very lovingly when they met, so she asked him for an engagement and he agreed. They got married at Cassies wedding arch, and had a baby a couple of hours later. They are horrible parents and keep forgetting her. Cassie moved out.

Don has been dating around. He dates Nina (and she's his one sim), but he also can't forget Kaylinn and dates other women too. Kaylinn caught him and Nina and was furious at both. She also caught Daniel and Nina. She moved into the small house in the woods and keeps working as a maid, until she finds someone to marry. She fell out of love with both Daniel and Don, but keeps rolling wants to talk to them, then she invites them and then kisses and woohoos with them. This actually happened more than once, she falls back in love, catchtes them with someone else (usually Nina), gets furious and falls out of love, and rolls wants to talk to them. She was back in love with Don, and dating a Townie who would probably treat her better, and then she met Stephen Tinker.

His wife was very pregnant and basically sleeping all day, so when he started chatting with Kaylinn, he was only looking for a new friend. They had 3 bolts, which led to flirting, which led to kissing. Unfortunately, Wanda came outside just as they were kissing, and was so mad she kicked Stephen out immediately after giving birth. Melody is also mad at her father.

After that, Kaylinn remembered her last date with Don and invited him Downtown. He didn't have anything better to do, so he went. They woohood in a club's hottub a couple of times. The next morning, Don wanted to woohoo a 5th sim and a date, so he called Bella Goth. They were outside his front door kissing, when Kaylinn walked past. She got furious at Don again. Don was afraid to fall out of love with her, but decided to woohoo Bella first and worry about Kaylinn later. Don is still in love with Kaylinn, so he kept calling her. She refused to come over every time. When they talked on the phone, they talked about babies, so I decided to teleport her in and make her pregnant. Only, it turned out ACR had had the same idea

I'm not sure what Kaylinn will do when her rotation comes up. She wanted to marry Don last time I checked (on the date), but now she's furious, probably not in love and also Don won't get married. Should she ask Stephen to move in? They only shared some sweet kisses, I don't think they even made out, let alone woohoo. They are both family sims, in love and have 3 bolts.I'm actually surprised she didn't turn Don away, but I think Kaylinn just can't say no to anyone. Of course Kaylinn is just 18 (or maybe 19), and he already has a teenage daughter....
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#2879 Old 7th Feb 2018 at 5:53 PM
Elgin - Round 5

This week was so far, is the worst of Fiona Ferguson's life. She has food poisoning, which makes her constantly vomit, plus on top of that, she's pregnant with her second child, which makes her vomit even more. She vomited at least 70 times (I'm not kidding) this round. Elgin doesn't have a doctor, so Fiona will just have to wait out her sickness. On the flip side, the town's bank that she owns is doing well. It's generating income and received the Best of the Best Award.

The oldest daughter of Elgin's mayor, Sineag Nevin, just gave birth to her third child, Siomon. This should be a happy time for her, but it isn't. Sineag is having a hard time paying bills. Last round, she took out an $12,000 loan to buy a house, instead of moving into a 1-br apartment with her children. With a week passed, she's already $2,000 behind in payments. Hopefully, her next paycheck will be enough to pay it off. If not, a visit from the Repoman is warranted. Things would be so much easier financially, if she was receiving child support from her boyfriend. But, he doesn't have a job (or seems to want one), so he can't help.

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#2880 Old 7th Feb 2018 at 11:21 PM Last edited by kidhedera : 8th Feb 2018 at 12:39 AM.
I'm on my first rotation of Pleasantview (playing in Phaenoh's awesome Pleasantly Thriving neighborhood) and I've played Don (moved him into some apartments where Bella Goth happened to move in as his neighbor!), the Oldies, the Burbs, the Brokes and now I'm playing the Caliente sisters.

Dina invited Mortimer over to do a little flirting and maybe something extra and he asked if he could bring his 'friend' with him. His friend turned out to be BELLA. So now I'm thinking I'll pause the Caliente sisters, go to the Goth's and 'reunite' Mortimer and Bella before going back to the Caliente's.

Poor Dina, she'll need to find someone else to have a baby with. (Thats her currently locked want).

Edit: Mortimer is GETTING SOME. He and Bella got back together, and then ACR went to work - Mortimer slept with Bella, then I switched households and he slept with Nina AND Dina, one after the other, the latter happening while Bella was IN THE ROOM. Bella didn't seem to care though? Even though they are married?
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#2881 Old 8th Feb 2018 at 5:19 AM
Charlotte and Luke McKellar just recently graduated college and are starting their new lives together. Charlotte got pregnant almost right away -- twins! She had the babies just as the sun came up one morning, and immediately headed off to work, with Luke staying home to look after them. I was hoping for boy/girl twins so i could named them Charlie and Lucia but I got two boys instead. Charlie and Lukas it is.

Anyway, the funny bit was that in the evening, after Charlotte had gotten home from work, both her parents came over together and rang the doorbell. How sweet! I thought. They came to visit the babies.

But they didn't even go into the house. After Charlotte greeted them they immediately walked around back and hopped into the hot tub to Woohoo.

I guess family love only goes so far -- or only in certain directions.
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#2882 Old 8th Feb 2018 at 11:59 AM
The Pleasant family just had the most unfortunate day. Daniel got fired from his job. Mary-Sue got demoted. Lillith got a D report card. Angela got fired from her part time job. The twins got into 3 fights and Dustin came over but rejected Angela's flirts. (He seemed more keen on getting her dad's approval) Also the maid never showed, so Lillith had to wash dishes. She was not keen on that.

Daniel decided (unilaterally without consulting his wife) to give up on playing Sportsball and get a $100,000 loan and open a sports bar. Then the sports bar had a terrible night. Hardly any patrons showed up. (Daniel knows nothing about running a business, and this is my first go at it too, so I'm not much help).

Then the lot glitched (but I saved it, yay!).
#2883 Old 8th Feb 2018 at 2:41 PM
I haven't played in quite a few months (why did I do this to myself??), so I've had fun the last few days getting reacquainted with my megahood sims. The megahood consists of every hood by the Hood Building Group, plus Widespot and LGU as the university.

I finished up with Meadow Creek's first rotation. Sebastian Wilson is not settling in well to fatherhood. He disappeared for an entire day to go party downtown, met Genesis Montes of Emerald Heights, went on a date with her, and ended up getting her pregnant. Oops! Poor Tiffany was left to fend for herself with the quads, and ended up hiring a butler (luckily, she can afford it). I don't get the sense that this marriage is going to end well.

Then I headed over to Widespot, the next subhood in the rotation, where much drama has already occurred. Valentine Hart did truly care about Mary, and he thought about making a deeper commitment, but ultimately old habits die hard. The choice was made for him when Mary dropped by unexpectedly while Valentine was in bed with Genesis Montes (yeah, she's been all over this rotation). Shockingly, Rhett mostly focused on advancing in his new acting job. He showed no interest in Penny or Sandy. Goldie had her first kiss with Steve Dore of Emerald Heights, but she isn't overly in love with him. His romance ways remind her a little too strongly of her family. Candy invited over Rich Mann to show him her pregnancy bump and demand child support money (regardless of who the father is). With her financial future secured, her and her newborn daughter Sugar moved to Emerald Heights, where she will attempt to advance in the ranks as a game developer.

At the Mann household, Lana worked hard to secure her son's future- by finding him a wife, that is. Junior's marriage is their family's ticket into the true upper echelons of society. Lana invited over as many well-born female sims as she could find, but has mostly settled on Helen Wheels as the best choice. Junior and Helen are not attracted to each other at all, but get along well enough. Every time Junior tried to invite over Mary, Lana or Rich intercepted and sent her home. Junior hasn't shown much interest in Candy, though Lana did catch Candy with Rich. Now Lana has a want to see Candy as a ghost. Junior is definitely most interested in Mary, but hasn't shown the strength of will required to resist his family, so I'm thinking he will most likely marry Helen. At his parents' wishes, he's gotten a job in politics, which he's doing surprisingly well at because of his natural people skills.
#2884 Old 8th Feb 2018 at 7:41 PM
My alien cult is rapidly growing. Between the four families there are around 20 members now. The idea originally started with just two sims. Meghan and Peyton both had the want to become cult leader. Because Meghan actually has the alien skin tone she was made the leader/queen. Peyton's brothers Aaron and Adam also followed suit and they converted a few classmates during college as well, Nicole, Laura, and Julian. Adam married Meghan, making him King. Aaron married Nicole and Julian with Laura. And after that? Well lets just say a whole bunch of babies were born via abduction and regular woohoing. Nicole and Aaron have five children altogether, Laura and Julian have two, Peyton has one and Adam and Meghan have four.

Unfortunately the queen, Meghan Williams, has yet to give birth to a true heir. As of right now the succession line is : Peyton Williams, the queen's right hand priestess, then Leia Williams, Peyton's alien conceived daughter. (Only women can be queen so Meghan's children with her husband don't count, nor do any female aliens given birth by her husband) While Meghan just recently gave birth to a beautiful alien baby boy she still needed an alien girl to be heir. The pressure was on! She works nights so its a little hard for her to find time to stargaze but she managed to get abducted a second time. Whenever the queen is pregnant she's pretty much on bed rest until she gives birth so no church activities for her until then. Meghan did manage to go after hours in order to pray that she has an alien girl. Its important that Meghan has a baby girl otherwise the people will start questioning their own beliefs.

Church went on without her, Peyton is the priestess and Aaron is the musician. Meghan and Adam's daughter Luna was in charge of babysitting but now that her younger brother Sirius aged into a teenager, he'll be stuck with that role. Even though the queen and king were absent everyone was buzzing about the queen's pregnancy. Oh what a joyous occasion it would be if she finally had a baby girl!

On Monday at 7AM the queen gave birth to a baby girl! HURRAH!!!! Her name is Bellatrix Williams. Everyone in the church is so happy to know their heir has been born but no one is happier than Meghan. She can now relax and no longer has to have any more children and focus on the church. As of now all adult members have officially been abducted and given birth to alien offspring so they can all relax and just live their life now. Which is nice for me considering I'm dealing with all those babies and toddlers!

Bellatrix's celestial blessing will be an occasion to remember!!! While most of their religious ceremonies are pretty simple (including weddings) this one won't be. There'll be lots of white flowers, sweets and gifts to the new baby and blessed parents.
#2885 Old 8th Feb 2018 at 8:05 PM
So Marshall Danders was just killed in a failed space mission (that's how I itnerpreted the chance card, at least) His wife, Melinda, got some compensation from the military, but it's not gonna last her forever, especially since she's a home maker who has never had a career outside of that and still has an adolescent son. So she and George (the son) are going to move in with Diane (her daughter) and Jeff Pleasant.
It's only fair, since Marshall and Melinda once upon a time took in a teenaged Jeff when he was abandoned by his father.
#2886 Old 8th Feb 2018 at 10:19 PM
Remember how I said this family just had another set of twins? Well, they're now toddlers. And Vanessa is pregnant, again. I'm sick of baby Sims!!
#2887 Old 9th Feb 2018 at 7:24 PM
@Gcgb53191 how do you get wants to be a cult leader? You mean the paranormal career?
#2888 Old 9th Feb 2018 at 7:34 PM
i'm just about to start a BACC but for an extra challenge it'll be medieval and so no technology at all...however the city'll be full of simple farming folk on the outskirts and the center will be the heart of the city,i will also have to tweak a few rules though.

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#2889 Old 9th Feb 2018 at 7:52 PM
Both sets of twins are now children and the 5th (and hopefully final, you are NOT getting 10 kids, Vanessa!!) baby has been born, another girl. And I realise the upstairs layout of the house that worked for only 5 Sims on the lot, doesn't work as well for 9 Sims on the lot!!
#2890 Old 9th Feb 2018 at 11:14 PM Last edited by Gcgb53191 : 9th Feb 2018 at 11:41 PM.
Originally Posted by DezzyBoo
@Gcgb53191 how do you get wants to be a cult leader? You mean the paranormal career?

Yup! I can't remember if there was a glitch in the game that didn't include certain careers as LTW options so it might be a mod.


Amazing how so much can change in such a small amount of time in the Sims 2. I started my gaming session today by playing my college rotation. Freshmen: Brett and Daisy Williams & Juniors: Kylie Robinson, Kaleah Morgan and Karen Davis. (Side note Brett and Daisy are "distantly" related.) By the end of the session (Two years) Daisy had dropped out because she got pregnant by Brett. Kaleah managed to graduate but still got pregnant by Brett as well, and had triplets!! Poor Brett, he better have a decent paying job when he graduates!

Daisy went back to her parent's home and got a job as a dancer. Daisy's parents aren't very happy with the situation but at least they were blessed with their first grandchild.

Kaleah also returned back to her parent's home which may I add is already a full house. Kaleah has two other siblings currently living at home, her older sister also recently had a baby. So guess who's stuck with managing FOUR babies?! (ME!!!!)

Update: Kylie also got pregnant byt Brett. Unfortunately her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in the first trimester. Fortunately for me that's one less baby mama Brett has to deal with lol.
#2891 Old 9th Feb 2018 at 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by Gcgb53191
Yup! I can't remember if there was a glitch in the game that didn't include certain careers as LTW options so it might be a mod.

It's a mod, they originally planned to include the University Careers as LTWs but decided against it (probably in order to not pressure people to play Uni?)
I have the mod as well, but I'm not sure anymore which one I have, since there seem to be a couple.
#2892 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 1:36 AM
Triplet, Berry Carpenter, returned home from university, having graduated in drama, but not having found a potential mate. Her triplet brother, Cedar, is married with twin boys and her triplet sister, Aurora, is also married. Berry continued to look after her teenage half brother, Dew, and younger brother, Fern (both orphaned), while also working as a Cartoon voice. Dew has just left for uni. Berry was content with looking after Fern, but did wish she could meet someone. She did - a handsome guy who appeared out of nowhere. They spent an intimate evening together and he was really good with Fern at the dinner table. She had high hopes. But she's just discovered that a) he's married and b) she's pregnant.
#2893 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 4:38 AM
I've been playing so enthusiastically over the last few days that my Widespot rotation went really quickly. The Lands had a lot going on. Mary has an LTW for reaching the top of the intelligence career, and I decided to roll with it. I quickly realized that this must be why Mary started flirting with Junior in the first place when she was already in love with Valentine. She was investigating the Mann family! Then in the process she actually did fall in love with Junior, making it extra hard on her, until Valentine made her choice easier by cheating on her. She hasn't had much luck getting into the Mann home though, with Lana and Rich shooing her away every time Junior calls her over. Mary actually makes a really great spy though because who on earth would suspect her of it? Her own family has no clue.

The Lands adopted another teen, Eli, who is actually the son of Cher Moutardes and Stuart McCormick, two sims from other subhoods. They're both elders with no kids, and I hate to see interesting genetics not get passed on, so I used their genetics to create twins that Cher gave up for adoption. Eli is much luckier than his sister, Ella, who I added to the Emerald Heights teen girl group home. There isn't a boy's home yet, so Eli got to be adopted instead. He's already getting pretty close with Dixie in particular, which is sweet to see.

Over at the Beech house, Daytona made an unsuccessful run for Congress, thankfully only losing skill points as a result of the chance card and not her job. Sandy and Hamilton were feeling pretty close and seemed happy, even though they both cheated on each other fairly recently. Maybe they can make this marriage work. We'll see what happens when Sandy gives birth to the baby she's pregnant with. Virginia had her first kiss with Scot Land, but ultimately she has a crush on Woody Weiss and is more interested in pursuing things with him. Luckily for her, Scot isn't jealous and seems to understand that their kiss wasn't the start of a lasting relationship.

I finished off the rotation with a day of school. Most of the kids and teens in Widespot are doing really well in school. I think the small class sizes are helpful. But poor Goldie Hart ended the day with an F. She just can't seem to focus. The biggest WTF moment involved Skye Weiss, who is a teacher at the school. As I was checking on various sims, I noticed that he had managed to roll a want for public woohoo! This is so bizarrely out of character (considering Skye has never even been kissed and has no outgoing points at all), and I just about died of laughter. I don't know why this happened, but I locked the want! I guess he's finally curious about all that romance stuff. Works for me! To be honest, I want to get him together with Mary, since Junior is not going to work out for her and both her and Skye deserve happiness (plus watching them shyly admire each other is the sweetest thing ever).
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#2894 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 2:30 PM
when last I visited Penny Delarosa, I was a bit worried about her. She seemed so isolated. Sure, the Council had made her get a job. She was okay with that and puts up with her mail route. But, she couldn't let go of the flower shop, so she automated it, and put in a ticket machine so she also gets paid for customer's browsing time.

But, she was still lonely; she never brought friends home from work, never wanted to call anyone. She was content in her world. So, it wasn't the worst thing in the world when she failed to make enough to pay her taxes. The Council, in its wisdom didn't give her an adult room mate, but a child in it's foster system to care for. That means the little tyke came with 20000 simoleons, so that was helpful. I was surprised at quickly she bonded with the little guy. She genuinely seemed to love him.

Then she won the baby rotation. Cyd Roseland was moved in as her husband. She never tried to bond with him, at all. She ignores him. He was great with the baby, though. Well, now little Roseland has been born. She's a beauty. As expected, Penny is delighted with her, and Cyd is smitten as well. Rick has now grown into a child. He and Cyd sleep on the love seats in the living area. Roseland is on the little blanket Rick used to use, and Penny has the big bed all to herself.

I can't help wondering how things are going to go when the baby is big enough for a bed of her own? Will Penny buy her one and finally turn the dressing room into her bedroom? How will Rick feel about that? Or maybe Penny will just have the little girl share her bed?

I don't know, but it's probably going to be odd.

Why is it the songs we hate the most set up permanent residence in our brains? Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://bulbizarre.neocities.org/
#2895 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 4:42 PM
i've just started playing the pleasants in the beginning megahood and jeff has turned into a toddler,sounds canon so far right? well ACR made them woohoo and so there is an accident baby coming along so to make the baby seem "canon" i'm trying to see if there is a lesser known pleasant family member.

of course there could be quads and if that happens i'll cry.

EDIT:she just had a miscarriage
2nd edit:pregnant again...

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#2896 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 5:03 PM
So it has finally happened, Bella and Mortimer had their big wedding and the most icon couple of the Sims series has finally come together:

However it's apparently not quite as romantic as it seems because the above was immediately followed by this:

Goddammit Bella! You're not supposed to be dystopian PsP Bella! And your family is already rich! And powerful spell casters! Your mother leads her own cult that worships her as the high priestess of Persephone! You do not need to marry Mortimer for money!

I've settled the pair in their Sims 1 house in Old Town, which I had to remodel a bit because fateful Sims 1 recreations are not optimal for the way Sims 2 plays, as I've found out...

I also had to give Mortimer a more youthful look for now, because with the beard and all he ended up looking older than his own father I hated the literal goth/punkrock/emo/hot topic/whatever you call it Goths in Sims 3, but that was mostly because I thought it didn't suit my interpretation of Gunther and Cornelia, for young Mortimer, however, it's weirdly fitting (my interpretation was always that the Goths were stuffy and conservative until Mortimer and Bella) He'll start looking closer to "canon" once Cassandra is around (which won't be for a while due to my aging mod)
However, I cannot for the life of me figure out a more"young adult" look for Bella that I like, her red dress is just too iconic.
#2897 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 5:24 PM
they actually look close to their original versions.

however for me i'll have to wait ages to see a couple like bella and mortimer get together since i've combined all the beginning hoods *sigh*

is that a chastity belt on bellas dress?

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#2898 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 6:44 PM
Originally Posted by Emerald1234
they actually look close to their original versions.

however for me i'll have to wait ages to see a couple like bella and mortimer get together since i've combined all the beginning hoods *sigh*

is that a chastity belt on bellas dress?

Yeah they do, especially Bella. Tbf I modified Simis' and Jocasta's genes so that they (and Michael, and Bella) have naturally black hair. Otherwise Bella would be a blonde or a redhead... My avatar is my hood's version of Simis Bachelor.

Oh man, all the neighbourhoods? That must be an astronomical amount of families! I only have Pleasantview + the Landgraabs +a few CAS families. I salute you for coordinating all that!

And yes, it appears to be so I think that's a dress that was a Valentines Day download on the old EA Sims 2 site. Those downloads are archived somewhere (I cna't remember where), that's where I have the dress from, I think. Well i go with the version where she's the descendant of a long line of occultists, "mystics and decadents" so she and the other Bachelors are allowed a few eccentricities
#2899 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 6:56 PM
well there is only about 2 hoods where all families are moved in so the chaos hasn't taken over yet although i will have to add a few CAS sims (such as buck broke and his family lolita goth a bunch of ts3 premades etc) i also keep accidental ACR babies.

a blonde or redhead bella would be the equivalent to having dina and nina mixed together.

i got all the ts2 store items too even a few extras from someone called twoyys4me after i asked for it.

anyway i've been having weird wants in the pleasantview district,flo and skip broke wanted to kiss and flirt with fatima simovitch and pollination technician 7 they both didn't meet any of them

I May Be Life Dumb But I'm Sim Smart(mostly).
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#2900 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 8:00 PM
In my megahood, the first teens just graduated from university. I think of all the couples that went into uni only two stayed together, some might go back to each other though. Justin Cleveland and Violet Joque broke up bc I misclicked and accidentally had her kiss Ripp Grunt instead. I was going to fix it but decided to roll with it instead.
My favourite are definitely Mercutio Monty and Jacob Martin though. They are constantly all over each other of course being the only gay guys in the dorms made cheating impossible, but they didn't cheat when the opportunity arised either something that can't be said for any of the other students.So on their last night, when all their friends had already moved back, I took them Downtown for some public woohoo and a dinner date and Jacob asked Mercutio to marry him.

I'll have to see what the others are doing. Tybalt Capp was madly in love with Jules O'Mackey until she cheated on him (Jules has 3 bolts with 3 or 4 of the boys) and now he'll marry Tara DeBateau. She was his first choice anyway and I feel Consort would be very happy about marrying someone with money.
Melody Tinker had to graduate early because she got pregnant from Puck Summerdream. He stayed faithful to her until their Junior year when he finally acted on his 3 bolt attraction to Jules. There was no jealousy here and they are all still friends and in love, but I doubt Puck will join Melody and their son in their apartment in Belladonna Cove.
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