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#1 Old 22nd Feb 2017 at 1:01 AM
Default Recoloring Hair
I am trying to recolor some hair to match my own to make my sim self. I have half dark brown hair, and half turquoise hair split down the middle. I am trying to do that but when I apply textures it looks like the texture is applied to both sides of the hair. Is there anyway to change this?
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#2 Old 22nd Feb 2017 at 1:00 PM
It depends on the UV mapping. If the hair is mapped in a way which is conducive to having different colours in different parts, you'll have to figure out which parts of the texture go where on the mesh, and colour them accordingly. If not, you'd have to edit the hair mesh in order to do this.

If you'd like some help figuring out which bits of the texture go where, you can post the texture, UV map or whatever else here. Another useful trick is to cover the texture in stripes or checks of different colours, then apply it to the mesh - then you can use the blocks of colour to figure out what goes where.

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#3 Old 22nd Feb 2017 at 10:08 PM
Yeah stripes or something similar are useful, when I have no idea what’s going on I put a rectangle or several on the texture and it helps a lot with figuring out where to put shading.

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