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Mad Poster
#10751 Old Today at 5:17 PM
I don't think anybody knows. If you have no-respawn hacks in, they never will.

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Field Researcher
#10752 Old Today at 5:31 PM
Originally Posted by JDacapo
I've been using empty templates, including an empty Exotic Locations. That is why I asked how many of the tourist families are needed for the game to start generating new tourist sims - in other words, for it to create the new tourists when it is needed. I am sorry, but nobody is giving me the information that I need. This is getting very frustrating.

Since you are using empty templates the game is not going to automatically generate tourist because of how the game is coded. You can use CJ's Fewer Tourist mod (in his mod description he explains how the game is coded) here: http://cyjon.net/node/290. You can also create them yourself; there is a tutorial here at MTS: http://modthesims.info/t/529698.

I play custom neighborhoods and have always created my own vacation neighborhoods. I've used CJ's mod and I've created my own tourist families.
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