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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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Test Subject
#3176 Old 24th Sep 2018 at 7:39 PM
That's an adorable world! I wish I could figure out CAW so I could make some towns myself. I'd love to re-create Saranac Lake, NY - it's one of my favorite towns to visit when I'm on the way to my hometown by the Lake Champlain shoreline. It'd be an awesome little world/town for you guys - especially with the Adirondack mountains as the backdrop.

Right now, I'm having wicked issues with my TwinBORK (as I call it now) world. For some reason, I can't save - I end up with the endless saving, so it's looking like I'm going to have to remake the entire thing - i.e., fresh new Twinbrook and add in the buildings. Un-fun. Should not take long, though, as I won't have to do any building, per se, just knocking down and replacing what I replaced. Should screenshot it before I do so, so I don't forget. (and yes, I've done all the things needed to see if it's anything else and it looks like a save corruption. Oh well.)
Test Subject
#3177 Old 26th Sep 2018 at 6:32 PM
The last three days in the lives of Denis, Peter, Max and Ruby were a little hectic. On Sunday, Denis decided to have bachelor party and even though it was his party, Peter tagged along. Their love for each others is just this big.
In the morning, Peter finally fixed that dishwasher, this time without further incidents.
Later that morning, Max decided to brave the cold and went snorkelling to the beach. The Polar bear moodlet was just this tempting
Back home, Ruby was building snowman with someone and I already forgot who that someone was. Sorry guys.
Max obviously didn't have enough of the cold and decided to go sliding along with Ruby and their friend, whom name I once again forgot.
Ruby and Max spent the rest of the day with their friends.
When the time for the party went, Denis called for babysitter and then he and Peter left to the disco club, where the party was taking place.
The party had some alien visitors. And of course, the strippers... ehm... I mean entertainers in a police "dress". Someone probably thought since Peter, Denis' spouse, is in Law Enforcement career, it would be fun to have fake police officers to break the party.
The party was big hit, even though the tired Peter left prematurely, and missed the speech of one of the alien guests. Later on, Denis and that alien sang a karaoke and they were booed at by the other guests. Rude. It seems like Peter and the aliens hit it off together. But why Serena Durwood was dressed in those bikini while spraying Denis with nectar, I don't know.

The next day was Snowflake Day and Denis once again planned a party, this time gift giving party. Needless to say that didn't go as planned, but I digress here.
The boys started the day with a snowball fight.
Peter, in the meantime went to the City Hall to sue someone who who spread lies about him. Shadow side of being four-star celebrity. But this time, Peter won and brought home some Simoleons.
Once Peter returned, Denis took the kids to the festival grounds. Denis went on snowboarding with Wilhemina Wollf, while Ruby and Max found some friends for a snowball fight. After the fight, which Max and Ruby won, to the chagrin of Mara Nix and Zack Durwood, Max went to order hot chocolate and took it to the hot tub. Zack ate his sorrow from the loss by a hamburger. Hopefully, he will not gain too much weight from that.
Max had a paparazzi taking pictures of him in the hot tub. Creepy. Later on, Zack joined Max in the hot tub.
In the meantime, Peter read with Danny.
Once they finally got back, they started to prepare for the party. Peter, once again, prepared a pizza. Ruby stayed later on the festival grounds and decided to paint his face with snowflake to be thematic on the party.
However, it was probably somewhere here that the gift rug, which you may see behind Peter preparing pizza, disappeared somehow and wasn't found anywhere on the lot. Thanks to that, I had just a normal house party. And not the best one I ever had in the game. After the party, Danny's walker and stroller were missing. Whoever stole them, I hope they enjoy them, because if I ever find out who took them, they'll be very sorry.

The next day was just normal workday for Peter and school day for Max and Ruby. Denis took Danny to a park in a new stroller I had to buy and while Danny played with his doll, Yuma, Denis watched SimFest. The SimFest was quite lengthy and besides the performers Denis was the only viewer. The SimFest took so long that Peter's shift ended before it and he came to the event just in time to see a magician stabbing his spouse. Needless to say Peter was relieved when Denis appeared out of the box without a scratch. When the event ended, Peter took Danny back home.

And a side note here, I already decided to marry Peter and Denis on Love Day, which is 4 Simdays from now. I also decided no Woohoo for them before marriage. Old-fashioned I know, but this is how I want them to be.
#3178 Old 30th Sep 2018 at 7:00 PM
I'm playing with an imaginary friend for the first time. Here he is standing and watching my Sim doing her homework. Not creepy at all, right?
#3179 Old 30th Sep 2018 at 8:09 PM Last edited by Emmett Brown : 30th Sep 2018 at 9:54 PM.
I have this house... it's an EA made house. Three stories and I think it's called "Classy Crib". I cued my sim to throw a hygiene charm on himself and he was on the 3rd floor. He ran all the way down three floors and outside to do the charm, because there's no room in this really nice looking but unplayable house.
I guess I need to make some playable houses.

Edit: I'm kicking myself for not installing the "No more hidden brooms" by @buckley . On the other hand I now see that there's a way to fix my sim described on buckley's download page!! Epic Thanks! My first born to you buckely. He's a big guy now, over 6' tall.... you might have trouble getting him to agree.

Sims are better than us.
Test Subject
#3180 Old 1st Oct 2018 at 3:45 PM
And another update from me. I hope you guys don't find this as spamming, since I got disagree for the last post here. And I am unable to attach files for this post for some reason, so this will be just a text.

Even though Wednesday was first day of Spring, the weather stayed calm and there even was snow most of the day, though there also was hail at one point during the day. Pretty funny weather, but quite on par with real-life weather in early spring where I live
Peter, Denis, Max and Ruby didn't let the weather to affect them, however. Peter went to work and was promoted, choosing the Forensic Analyst branch. And since he wanted to be ready, after work he started to work on his painting skill, making a portrait of Denis.
The boys had a field trip that day and they were in restaurant. They surely had fun and started on their cooking skill. Now if they only put it to some use.
Denis spent the day with Danny, reading him and helping him with some skills. Thanks to that, he wasn't able to write anything, but he didn't mind.
During night, there were rain that washed away all the snow, but the temperature still stayed cold.
Thursday was Danny's birthday and Denis threw a party for him, inviting almost all the kids from Moonlight Falls. The party was scheduled to 17:00 so everyone has a chance to show up.
However, Denis forgot that Max and Ruby have Scouts meeting after school, which lasts until 17:00. That meant the party had to wait for them.
When Peter got home that day, he once again made a pizza, this time cheese one. His homemade pizza is starting to be a hit on their parties
And just like on spooky day, it had to be full moon today. That forced Max and Peter to change. Along with Gator Wollf, who was invited as well. No big deal, however.
But I think I forgot to mention so far that Danny is not pure fairy, as I originally thought. He is actually fairy and werewolf hybrid.
When everyone got there, Danny aged up with the help of Denis. After that, everyone had a help of either the cake or pizza (or both in some cases). And since it was still full moon, poor Danny was forced to change as soon as he aged up. Even that, however, didn't stop him to interact with some guests and making some friends.
However, Peter decided he has enough of the party and house full of kids and went for drink at the lounge. Not the nicest thing you can do to your spouse, Peter!
But Denis was able to keep the kids entertained on the dance floor. So in the end, even despite Peter's desertion, it was pretty nice party.
And tomorrow, the boys will have another field trip, this time to the theatre. Not the best thing to happen on Danny's first school day, but I am sure he'll have some fun. And in Saturday, Love Day and wedding. Hopefully, it will be warmer by then, or I'll have to change my plans for the wedding being in park. And hopefully, I will also be able to post some pics for you guys to enjoy.
#3181 Old 1st Oct 2018 at 10:03 PM

There is way too much turquoise going on here, but...eh.
Test Subject
#3182 Old 2nd Oct 2018 at 4:46 PM
After re-doing Twinbrook and some adjustments, I've got the third chapter of the story up on LJ. I was having issues with hangsaves and what not, and found out that just because I have a powerful video card doesn't mean the GAME likes settings on what's basically Ultra. The crashloganalyzer kept telling me to reduce graphics settings, so I did, a bit. I don't notice a difference, too much (super water? I mean, really.)

I took some nice shots, booted up the Mont St. Michel '40s world to take some shots for the backstory and everything seems to be working well. I hope to have storyboarded chapter 4 by this weekend.

- Clark Peddler and Penny Pincher at the home of my vampire villain.

- said vampire villain being a dork (Nyarlathotep Dagon. Bonus if you get the reference)

- reincarnated WW2 sim wondering what the word "friendzone" means. Heh

- Collette in 1940, with the chicks.

- I loved this shot of Collette as her lover leaves her. I do the '40s shots desaturated like this to make them look like old photos. If I could ever figure out how to make them into paintings in the game (I'm sure I can, with time) I'd add them to the modern end of this story.
Site Helper
#3183 Old 2nd Oct 2018 at 5:08 PM
It may not be a perfect option, but you can look at the Poster Set Loader Studio. You add pictures to the set with the Studio, then let it save the resulting package. Then you use the Loader (a separate download) to get the pictures into your game.

Alternatively, if there is a painting that is the right size you can use Texture Tweaker to make a new recolor of it with your own paintings, although that has a bit more of a learning curve.


PosterSet Studio: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?&t=579394
PosterSet Loader http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=579395

I am Ghost. My husband is sidneydoj. I post, he downloads, and I wanted to keep my post count.
Group for Avatar Makers* Funny Stories *2017 Yearbook
Test Subject
#3184 Old 2nd Oct 2018 at 5:21 PM
Originally Posted by Ghost sdoj
It may not be a perfect option, but you can look at the Poster Set Loader Studio. You add pictures to the set with the Studio, then let it save the resulting package. Then you use the Loader (a separate download) to get the pictures into your game.

Alternatively, if there is a painting that is the right size you can use Texture Tweaker to make a new recolor of it with your own paintings, although that has a bit more of a learning curve.


PosterSet Studio: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?&t=579394
PosterSet Loader http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=579395

Oooh, thanks! I'll definitely look into it. Mainly because some shots in the '40s portion of the story would be perfect for pictures in the modern end of it, as props/Easter eggs for my readers. Thank you so much!
Lab Assistant
#3185 Old 5th Oct 2018 at 6:41 AM
Since my gen 7 is only a married couple so far and they need little looking after (not none, they ARE sims), I decided they'd foster some kids from around the town. The girl they took in wasn't even living with her parents (elderly and separated from each other), but a random family, and the boy had a moodlet from witnessing his parents' divorce. Way to imitate life yet again, game. The girl's parents eventually passed and she did not care. The boy sometimes hangs out with his mother, but dad's never come up. I'm already looking out for other kids to take in, because turning their lives around like this has been a blast.

omnis mundi creatura
#3186 Old 8th Oct 2018 at 11:23 AM

Pumpkin carving

Captain, the fierce protector of all things pumpkin

You're slackin', Sim Babilon. Regina won twice because she smacked you on the shoulder, not that there is really a loser to begin with. Sparring of this kind always leads to sparring of another sort...
#3187 Old 17th Oct 2018 at 1:50 AM

Can you not? Your face may freeze that way and that would be most unfortunate. Life will be back to normal, eventually, but for now, you're stuck in the small house with no dogs. This too shall pass.
#3188 Old 17th Oct 2018 at 10:20 AM
Man... it's been a while since I have played with my simself in TS3.

I made for her a simself of Lee Unkrich, one of the directors at Pixar, who I have quite a crush on.

I got them talking, but my cat, Gemini, stood on the desk and meowed like crazy (Dad said he wanted a talker and he got one) so I had to cut my first session in, what, in 6 months short, so the cat could cuddle up with me.

Like any good cat person will tell you: you don't own the cat, the cat owns you.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Test Subject
#3189 Old 19th Oct 2018 at 12:02 AM
My new house hold of 7 people + 2 pets starts of great... except one of them was kidnapped by aliens. Oof.
Lab Assistant
#3190 Old 20th Oct 2018 at 12:14 PM

The first time I saw a sim give the finger and it from a 6 year old to a cat
Test Subject
#3191 Old 20th Oct 2018 at 5:14 PM
Finished Chapter 4 of Dead Ringers last night; since it's scripted, dunno if it qualifies as a "game" per se.

Nyar's a bit irritated with Clark; Clark keeps up his crap and he might get eaten just for spite.

Gabe tries to get Karena's attention, but there's a spot that just needs to be groomed, like, right now. (what's funny is I have the real world equivalent of that dandy brush she's using, and I just DID groom my own horse with it. Ha.)

Walt ain't buying any of Gabe's BS.

Just like Gabe's not buying any of Karena's BS.

Be darned if I know what they're doing.

Story Blog is finally up!Dead Ringers
#3192 Old Yesterday at 1:38 PM
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm the biggest softy when it comes to a pouty lip.

Tara to the rescue!
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