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#3251 Old 20th Jan 2019 at 5:08 PM
That awkward moment when you show up for your butler duties but there's another butler already there.
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#3252 Old Today at 7:35 AM
I began with a household, a young adult ghost and her teen sister witch, and I kinda made myself a mini challenge and backstory where the YA ghost sister (death by haunting curse) was cursed and her witch sister is working to bring her back alive (Level 10 wand magic skill-- reanimation curse + sunlight charm afterwards). She has also had to pass school and make money along the way (because I've made it a rule that the ghost can only work from home, and sculpting doesn't bring in much revenue right away) I also made the younger sister have dreams and aspirations because who doesn't, so she also had to put her architectural designer dream on hold and take a job as a police officer to have a more steady income and work hours, once she became a young adult. (I also made a rule against having the younger sister use magic in public to keep her witchy identity hidden ) I feel like I thought up too much backstory for my little sim household, but it keeps it interesting

It's kinda funny now though, because the younger sister is no longer the younger sister, so it's been 'imagined' years since the ghost has been human (theoretically) and she's near the top of level 9 (I think?) Oh! And the younger-turned older sister is a coward, so sometimes when she sees her sister she just faints, heheh..

They also have a cat now.
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