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#8176 Old Yesterday at 1:10 PM
That's helpful, thanks. Especially so far as the Launcher goes, since that takes an age to start up.

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#8177 Old Yesterday at 4:32 PM
Originally Posted by sweetdevil
Not exactly what you asked, but you can block TSRW.exe through the Windows firewall.

Isn't that The Sims Resource Workshop executable -- perhaps you meant TS3W.exe here? (or what would be TS3.exe without the "W"if on Patch 1.69)
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#8178 Old Yesterday at 4:52 PM
Originally Posted by MeowMixPls
@ChickenMadam, they seem change the surroundings depending if it is dystopia or utopia http://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/f...p?topic=20031.0

@Ghost sdoj Thanks, I'll have a crack with that.

Thank you!

I may just open a fresh game, figure out what each one does, and write it down (and obviously post it here for everyone) - I looked it up on the link and it really doesn't say exactly what each one does - ditto for water effects spawner. So, I'm going to go find out and report back.

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#8179 Old Today at 5:44 AM
Is 2-3 the optimal setting for the 'High Detail Lots' options setting?

I sometimes find that areas with a large number of tightly packed lots, the game lags a bit more due as you switch between different lots (forcing the game to continuously load in lots)- so I'm wondering if having one or two lots pre-loaded might help in this case.
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