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Wanderlust, a new Sims 2 building contest - posted on 3rd Feb 2018 at 3:19 AM
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#2926 Old 15th Feb 2018 at 10:53 PM
There's a downtowner in my game that is quite interesting, I've been trying to find information about him on the wiki for a while but he doesn't appear on the downtownie page. In my game he's called Blazej Langerak (although I renamed him Blazej Langerak, which I'll explain later), he has black hair, is fat, wears a black outfit, along with goth make up and the same face paint as Tybalt Capp.

Anyway, Laurence Tricou-Capp ended up meeting him while shopping downtown and I decided it was about time to add him to my game. Ignoring the already messed up gender ratio of my game. He seemed kinda like he could've been a long lost relative of the Tricou's so I considered giving him that last name, but Laurence is the daughter of one of the Tricou teens so it seemed a little weird for him to have that last name, so then I thought about how he had the same facial markings as Tybalt Capp and decided he was a long lost relative. I changed his last name to Caesar just like a branch of Capp ancestors, so that him and Laurence were far enough related that it didn't matter, and sent him off to uni.

I gave him a makeover, but he doesn't yet feel like my Sim. Also I'm interested in his origins. I can't seem to find any information about him in anyone elses game... But I only play premades and their descendants in my megahood so I didn't make him!

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#2927 Old 15th Feb 2018 at 11:22 PM
Andrea Stratton got married to Travis Gibson, with her daughter Roberta attending. What I didn't see until almost too late was that the zombie from downtown had come onto the lot and attacked Jacob London, making it imperative that I halt the storyline about the wedding to do some emergency dezombification (thankfully his father bought some potion to cure it promptly) and prevent a mass scale turnover of normal pixels into zombies.

You know you can't let the zombie hordes take over a town-if you want a normal one, that is..

That was a close call. But the memory of his brief fling of being a zombie transmitted into Matt Goth's memory and now Matt wants to become a zombie. He's not even out of college, for heaven's sake!
Then I had the servo hunt down the original zombie and cure him too.
I did remove the hacked 'zombie making machine' that created this problem from my DL's folder, too. It shouldn't happen again..

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#2928 Old 15th Feb 2018 at 11:41 PM
Elgin - Round 6

“Hello Residents,

I am sorry to report the death of Banker, Ms. Fiona Ferguson. Ferguson, mid-40's, died from food poisoning. Ferguson, from SimCity, was sent to Elgin in Round 4, to help inflate its economy. Ferguson was very knowledgeable and loved working at the bank. Ferguson leaves behind five daughters, Hiolater, Fenella, Finella, French, and Fionnghuala. No funeral services will be held. Memorial donations in memory of Fiona can be sent to The Bella Goth Missing Sims Foundation in SimCity.

Fiona's death could've been prevented, if we had any kind of medical facilities. Unfortunately, we don't have anyone that has medical experience; Nor can we afford to pay for a doctor to come from out of town. So, we just have to let Mother Nature take her course, and hope for the best.

I ask residents to please look after the Ferguson girls, as they lost their mother, before they were able to walk or talk. For those who have loans or banking accounts, don’t worry. There will be someone to take Fiona’s place in running banking facilities in the next coming rounds.

Best wishes,

Mayor Brid“

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#2929 Old 16th Feb 2018 at 7:11 AM
Out of grief for losing a hood due to a power surge occurring while saving a household, I have decided to clean out my Downloads folders and search for the offending Body Shop item that keeps conflicting with my Downtownie slob outfit default. First she wears a bikini, then she goes for a parka. I find it amusing but I should find the culprit just in case it's affected anything else.

I also keep switching between default outfits for babies. I can't seem to decide which one I like better, and I ended up making 42 different outfits...

I have a back-up I could put in yet for some reason, this is less stressful than the thought of replaying 4 households that had major events that wouldn't play out the exact same way again. Ah, the power of perspective.

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#2930 Old 16th Feb 2018 at 7:20 AM
I pulled open my uberhood to finish building and test the contest lot--and needed some sims to go to Takemizu. The Pleasants would be the usual choice, it's been a while since I played here, like months while, but looks like I haven't played them yet. Okay, uh, um, wait, Lil, you want to be friends with Angie on first load? Wait, Angie, you want to be friends with Lil? What the heck happened? I don't remember . . . flip through the photos . . . Ginny Beech hanging out with both at a political thing at the Beech house. Well, bless that child's little peacemaking heart! Okay, tell your sister a joke, good, now go throw water balloons at each other. You can miss the bus and walk today for that want, girls!

So that's a thing, the Pleasant twins are now BFF and really happy about it. Other than that, yeah, Kaylynn's expecting, Mary-Sue tried on a late in life pregnancy for size--of course it won't progress while they're on vacation so she just thinks she caught the flu or something to be so exhausted. Lil still doesn't get on with either parent, but Angie's not doing so hot on that front, either: she objects strongly to them slapping her twin. So there they are, at Takemizu, connecting with Mary-Sue's birth culture.

Also, if either Hamilton or Mary-Sue ever wants to have a revenge affair, they have more bolts with each other than they have their own spouses. I think Daytona and Hamilton are the spine of one party, Mary-Sue and Ramir Patel are the spine of another party--Danny'd like to get it on with Sandy or Ana, but not interested in Daytona . . . could get some shenanigans in sim politics going on here!

I need to figure out what the parties are, really . . . hmm . . . Idealistic Traditionalists and Traditional Idealists? Maybe . . .

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#2931 Old Yesterday at 3:57 AM
So with a second baby on the way Michael and Chris (nee Roomies) Bachelor's house got to small, and they are still fairly young, so they didn't have any savings. Thankfully Michael is the son of two wealthy sorcerers. Using the money order Simis and Jocasta (who are both elders by now Don't wanna see those two go, but Michael Landgraab doesn't have any cronies left that they could feed to their cowplant..) loaned the young couple enough to purchase and furnish a pretty impressive house (under the condition that Michael shapes up and takes his magic studies more serious). It's one of the Belladonna Cove houses (400 Adurey Avanue downloaded from the Lot Database) which I then renovated into a Moroccan style and renamed "Le Palais d'Azur". I already have a lot of ideas how the growing family and future generations can add to this very beautiful house.

I've also decided how the ability to cast spells will be passed on to Michael's and Bella's children; Michael's sons will be warlocks and Bella's daughters (Cassandra) will be witches. Form then on it will dilute more, the sons of Michael's sons will have a 50% chance of being warlocks and Cassandra's daughters will have a 50% chance of being witches and so forth and so forth. It will be interesting to see how long the magical bloodline survives.
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#2932 Old Yesterday at 2:37 PM
Today I've retrieved all the missing tombstones of my game. I don't have a lots of mod in my vanilla version, so I'm aware some thing get messy every now and then... But after moving about 20 urns to the Gothier Green Lawns I didn't understand why there were only 3 in there. I've found two of them in the House of Fallen Trees (although nobody has ever lived in there and you can't normaly send graves to residential lots) but then I realized that with the BoolProp cheat and the Batbox it was easy to recover them. At the end, the only one still missing was Michael Bachelor's, but I found out it's character data was corrupted (again).
So, after replacing it, I've got all of them back to the graveyard.

I've also update my sheet with the Sim info, although I still have to rearrange some things.

About the "normal" gameplay, I'm almost have 5 of YA graduating from LFT: Mona Caliente and the twins Carmela and Rosa De Rossi; even the other couplet, Michael and James Burb are close to graduate. After them, I'll have just 3 more teens to age up (Jackson Langerak, Spencer Caliente and Adrienne Lothario) and then a few elders that will, finally, pass away.

Meanwhile I was thinking to create a new neighborhood that might include Strangetown and Veronaville Storylines, but let's see.
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#2933 Old Yesterday at 2:57 PM
My game? Well, I'm redownloading after messing up my game by unsuccessfully attempting to move it to my external hard drive...and my god, it's taking so long! It definitely is downloading at least, which is a relief. I backed up all my terrains, CC and mods beforehand, so all should be fine. I'll give it a while to download.
#2934 Old Yesterday at 3:12 PM
i'm about to play old town,any ideas for what i could do?

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#2935 Old Today at 2:56 AM
So I've been playtesting Lamare's mod for keeping pets at University by moving Eugene Newson's cat Mittens in with him and his fiancee Alta Mira Starchild. Tonight Alta Mira asked Eugene on a date, which went straight to romantic wants, so they're standing in the hallway canoodling, when suddenly Mittens starts meowing and queue-stomping them to hug her and toss her in the air. They managed to make it to bed in spite of her (she has been known to sleep on Alta Mira's side of the bed so she can't get in with Eugene), and afterwards are downstairs in the kitchen, starting to get up another head of steam after washing the dishes, when Mittens comes in again and starts disrupting their attempts to interact. The kitchen is small, and there simply isn't room for two people and a cat determined to preserve her ownership rights in her hoomin.

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#2936 Old Today at 3:05 AM
That it is working, that I don't see any missing CC and it looks rather like somebody has given it a bath, it looks brighter.

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#2937 Old Today at 6:37 PM
I'm in Veronaville in my current Megahood rotation and I'm starting to actually like them (for some reason Veronaville is my least favourite neighbourhood). The Monty teens graduated and moved back into the Monty farm with Antonio (Benedick and Beatrice just started college). Jacob Martin, Mercutio's fiancé moved in with them, but neither of them has any plans to get married. Mercutio bought a couple of dogs and is going to breed them, the first puppies will be born next season. Sadly, on his second day back home Romeo tried to cook for the family and died in a fire. It was really weird, he was the only thing that caught on fire and died really quickly. Merc plead for his life but lost. He joined the Paranormal career afterwards in the hopes of resurrecting his brother. I'm not sure that will happen though. Romeo had a lot of best friends and some flings, but his death didn't actually throw a wrench in any of my plans, so I might just let him rest in peace
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