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#1 Old 18th May 2010 at 11:49 PM
Default A Theme Plus Three Challenge
This challenge is pretty simple. Pick a theme, any theme. Some that I've tried are medieval, gypsy, tribe, futuristic, homeless, and farming.

Then pick out some land. If you aren't a builder, then you can download a home so long as it matches your theme. Every single object/pattern on the lot must match your theme (if possible). Obviously a medieval family using a refrigerator isn't realistic, so some exceptions will have to be made. No money cheats are allowed.

Once you have a lot that matches your theme as close as possible, move in your family. Don't worry too much about matching clothes and appearances to your theme. You won't have control of this later on anyway. (You will if you switch active households back and forth, but that's too much trouble.)

Now cut a piece of paper up into thirty squares and number them. Put them in a bowl, mix them up well, and draw three pieces. Match the numbers up to the list below.

The list:

1. Only one bathroom allowed on the lot
2. No birth control. You must Try For Baby every time.
3. No baby sitter ever
4. Only part time employment. No full time jobs or hobbies.
5. Never hire help of any kind. Not even for emergencies.
6. No electronics on lot (except appliances)
7. Grow/fish/forage all food
8. No jobs, hobbies only
9. Never cancel a promised wish. Ever.
10. Break up a romantic relationship every Monday. Does not have to happen to the same sim each time.
11. Pick seven non-family sims and maintain full bars with all of them
12. Control one sim only (except for choosing appearances and jobs)
13. Pick a townie and make enemies of the entire family
14. Name a sim after yourself
15. Every child must have a different mother or father
16. Your sims have a gardening addiction. Every day a new plant must be purchased. You can move plants around, but you cannot delete a single one. If you run out of funds, you will have to delete non-plant objects.
17. Only one sim is allowed to make money
18. Marry the first maid to come on your lot regardless of looks or gender. If your sim is already in a relationship, you must break up with that person and do this task.
19. Do not issue any parenting related commands except for hold, put in crib, put down, teach something
20. Adopt a teen
21. Both parents must achieve lifetime wishes before chosen child moves out.
22. Your first and second spouse mysteriously disappear.
23. Give your first child the following traits: Neurotic, Inappropiate, Childish, Insane, Clumsy. Do not control this child for any reason except appearance and job. This sim may not move out.
24. Play family without ever opening the needs tab. Rely on moodlets to figure out what your sims need.
25. One sim must attempt every opportunity the game throws at you.
26. Give a sim the Dislikes Children trait. Then give him/her the Fertility Treatment.
27. Your second child falls ill and dies. Raise your second child from baby to toddler. When your toddler is three days old, neglect it until the social worker comes.
28. Your sim wets him/herself on his/her wedding day. Must happen during a wedding party.
29. One of your sims LOVES animal patterns. Decorate and style appropriately.
30. You've been cursed. Every male sim in your household goes bald at an early age.

If you choose things that contradict each other, put one of the numbers back in the bowl and choose again. If you choose three things that are too hard or too easy, you may start over. Once you have your three numbers, throw them away.

Play your family in accordance with the theme and the three numbers you picked. When your favorite child ages to Young Adult, you must move that child to another lot nearby. Decorate that lot in accordance to your theme as best you can with your funds. Choose three new numbers and play.

There are some rules. Your child MUST move out on his/her birthday. So if your sim only has 5000 simoleans, they will have to survive as best they can. Your family must have at least two children, and one child must stay with the parents. This will (usually) keep your family line tied to that lot. The children can be adopted. Multiple sims can move so long as someone stays behind to continue the family tree. It's okay to take jobs that don't match the theme.

Keep playing like this for three generations. At the end of the third generation, you should have a small themed corner in your neighborhood. And hopefully you tried something new.

There's no scoring or winning. This is just a way of playing to keep the Sims interesting. The challenge is short in case you get tired of your theme. If you want to keep going, I recommend picking a new theme for the fourth generation. Have fun!

Oh, and if you want to add to the list, you're welcome to do so. :D
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#2 Old 20th May 2010 at 3:28 PM
this sounds fun, i'll try it (:

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#3 Old 10th Feb 2011 at 4:58 PM
I love this idea, its a shame it seemed to me missed by most.
I found this thread from a link on another challenge that I came across by a link from yet another challenge thread lol. both thread giving the link to where they where Inspired for there challenge, I haven't read there threads yet, but I am sure they will be good, as this thread has got me full of ideas to :0
Thank you so much for posting this thread.
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#4 Old 28th Oct 2017 at 6:34 PM
I'll try it, but one question, is this all base game? My computer broke and I only have the PlayStation sims 3
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#5 Old 29th Oct 2017 at 6:00 AM
Originally Posted by LoveViolet
I'll try it, but one question, is this all base game? My computer broke and I only have the PlayStation sims 3

Looks like they are. I'd say if you draw one that's just plain impossible to do with your game, just discard it and redraw.
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