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Originally Posted by FranH
If you look on Simbology, you will see some mods that are actually better than Pescado's and they're not quite so old.
Remember, he did his mods almost 10 years ago, and there have been a few more done he had never gotten around to doing: Simbology

You can pick and choose really what kind of mods you want to run, but you really should check out Paladin's place to download the HDCU, which (if you don't have it already) will help you figure out what mods do or don't play well with one another:
Paladin's Place

Did you have particular one's in mind?
I was looking at downloading ACR,but it makes me nervous lol
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"No Sim loaded" is my first choice from Simbology-it prevents and nukes all memories during the loading of a lot.

This is the BoilingOils' Mods/hacks page with BO's hacks/mods. Not all of them are in my game, but what there are, definitely belong there.

TwoJeffs' Page has an entire section of his hacks as well. These are definitely an improvement on the game!

Paladin did a few that are fun and useful, but the HCDU is essential for anyone who plays the game and has lots of mods/hacks in it.

As for ACR, it is a lot less complicated and fussy than the far. You don't have much to do to set it up, and it can just sit in the background..but it is useful for when you're starting a custom hood, and want to set everyone's sexual preferences-either deliberately or randomly.

There's nothing to be afraid of-ACR works with nearly every single mod/hack ever put out by competing modders/hackers.

Just a bit of trivia: TwoJeffs used to belong to MATY and was as featured modder there for many years until he decided to open his own site. He was friends with JMP, alias the "Dirty Old Man", "Pescado"..among the other names he's been called.

So you know where the talent comes from.

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Default mods and links
Not sure whether this would be any use to anyone but its a log of mods I use in my game with links direct to the mods. Not all mods have links as some can not be found but the majority do.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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Cyjon's Fewer Tourists, NPC Maker Fix and Townie Apartment Residents mods are also essential for me.
Just like the There Can Only Be One Professor mod, it reduces the number of townies and NPCs in the neighborhood.

ETA: This mod fixes a game-crashing bug. Have you ever tried it? Mannequin sims can't give birth to babies because the game always crashes then but that mod fixes this issue. Therefore, I find it essential as well.
bloodredtoe's Mannequin babies can be born mod.

Hood Building Group neighborhoods are available here
Clean and Empty Steatlh Hoods
Winter Wonderland is available here
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Default My special list
Mootilda (RIP, our lovely! )
Sims2Pack Clean Installer
Hoodchecker (Checks your neighbourhoods and can remove corruption)

No Unlink On Delete
The Batbox
Creature Fixes (Mrs Crumplebottom is NOT healthy for your game, your sims or for her own self to become a vampire)
No Corrupt Death Memory

By other creators - Optional for your own use, but I recommend them
SuperDuperHug hider (Only the LBFRemovesocial file - stamps down the silly SuperDuperHug pie menu thingy)
Watch TV from all chairs (MogHughson - more Mog mods below)
Park inside the carpark! (Requires Nightlife - self explanatory)
Sit down with your drink (Self-explanatory)
Decorative parking spaces (Goes well with the park inside the carpark mod, generates random unusable cars)
Never lose homework again (Self-explanatory)
Phaenoh's Phone Book (The Yellow Pages of the Sims, basically. Get anyone's number, including townies)
treeag's Book of Talent (For the lazy who cannot be bothered to go on vacation to learn a dance and then go back home again)
Smonaff's Ghost Hack (Alive sims become deadlooking)
Change clothes in the pie menu (Smonaff again - this is really time-cutting by SIM HOURS and I seriously recommend this)
GunMod's camera mod Zoom in closer and see to the corners of your neighbourhood!
Inge Jones' teleportersBring stubborn townies to your lot!

The drop off has been made. You've been warned.
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Originally Posted by marka93
There is no thread that has "just" essential mods to help with corruption that can happen in every ones game, so I thought I would put up this list.

Feel free to add any that I missed and I will put them in this first post.

FFS Director's Cut: More Awesome Than You,8.0.html
These are the essential mods but there are many more in each set, get the one for your last EP.
All these mods is included in the FFS Director's Cut download so you don't have to go search for each one for your EP setup.
nossrespawn Helps stop the bloat.
nodormieregen Helps stop the bloat.
notownieregen Helps stop the bloat.

Unofficial AL Patch - Assorted Fixes

BoilingOil's Mods.;topic=7875.0 and many more great mods.
No Sim Loaded: Remove a lot of junk controllers, tokens, and other broken stuff, without the need for a Batbox.
No Trash Memories: PREVENT gossip and silly repetetive memories from being generated. (Helps with the severe bloating on slower computers.)

Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff
Smarter EP Check must have for a lot of Cyjon's mods.
No Auto Urn Cleanup
Memory Fixes
There Can Be Only One (Professor)

Each group has at least 1 fix that will help on corruption. The none essential mods are under spoiler tags.
Twofeffs Bug Fixes.

•Pet Pregnancy Fix - AKA Too Many Pregnancy Controllers Fix

Misc Annoyance Fixing Mods

•Skunk Attraction Fix

Pet Related Mods/Fixes
•Caged Pet Fixes
•No Pet Unlock Code Spam

Even though this is not a "Essential Mods" I think it is an "Essential Program" for newer computers and graphics cards.

Here is another "Essential Program" the "Hack Conflict Detection Utility"

Mootilda's Hood Checker is a must have for all who play Sims 2.

None Essential Mod but it may help save someones game. Auto Save game mod by Aaroneous

Argon's archtype fix.,9028.0.html (Thank Jawusa.)

Ok this is not an Essential mod or program but it is very good info need for new players.
Firstborn Syndrome

Crumplebottom fix:,2688.0.html

Also, I should remind everybody that the Magnanimous J. M. Pescado has lowered the base price for VIP membership AGAIN! Get in while you can.
Supplies Drastically Limited. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
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Originally Posted by Charity
Not all of these are essential mods. Some are just style of gameplay, like No Trash Memories (some of us actually want gossip) or the only one Professor. Also, the cheesecake fix is only useful if you don't want twins every time they eat cheesecake and the annoyance fixing mods are just annoyances, not corruption.

It would be more useful if only the essential to avoid corruption mods were included.

I'm sure someone included this or a similar list, but I found this article ( on avoiding corruption (with it's list of mods) very helpful. I keep those in a separate folder under Must Haves/ Anti-Corruption Mods. Some of the suggested mods in this MTS article DO change or "curb" the game in a way that I missed until I had to rebuild my Downloads folder and eliminated a lot of things I had previously.
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I have added a new mod to the list in the first post called "BO - No Met Self Memories: Stop the "Met Self" memories without the use of NTM or Pescado's Dramafix."

This is one of the most prevalent memory that shows up in may game using Mootilda's Hood Checker program and this mod takes care of them.

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All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town.
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Clicking on the More Awesome Than You links doesn't go anywhere, it just says Internal Server error.
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That's normal so just type it in a browser and you should be able to go there.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS.
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town.
MooVille, a tribute to Mootilda and her fabulous lots
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#36 Old 7th Jan 2017 at 12:55 AM
Clicking any of the links gives an internal server error, typing it into the browser gives "This page cannot be reached."
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#37 Old 7th Jan 2017 at 1:07 AM
MATY is down, it's an occupational hazard for that place. Just keep trying each day, it will be back up eventually.

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I think I found another one while I was trying to work out why a new one was clashing.

Cyjon's Ghost Hack - Bug Fixes version

Bug Fixes - Contains a critical fix that prevents ghosts from haunting tombstones, potentially destroying them, shredding character data and corrupting your neighborhood. Contains smaller fixes that allow angry ghosts to visit the cowplant, and fixes reversed logic that causes Nice and Neat (rather than Grouchy and Sloppy) ghosts to create messes.
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[Use Inaccessible Beds] from Simlogical has saved my life.
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It's hardly essential for everyone, though! "Essential" here is supposed to mean "not wise to sim without it, regardless of personal taste," not "this is my favorite thing."

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5th Dec 2018 at 10:57 PM
This message has been deleted by BoilingOil.
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Originally Posted by marka93
BoilingOil's Mods.;topic=7875.0 and many more great mods.
No Sim Loaded: Remove a lot of junk controllers, tokens, and other broken stuff, without the need for a Batbox.
No Trash Memories: PREVENT gossip and silly repetetive memories from being generated. (Helps with the severe bloating on slower computers.)
No Met Self Memories: Stop the "Met Self" memories without the use of NTM or Pescado's Dramafix.

Sorry for my tardiness, but at this, the eleventh hour, I should point out that you've described the NTM a bit poorly: it does NOT prevent gossip from being generated, but ONLY from being recorded.

Saying "prevents it from being generated" CAN be interpreted as "sims do no longer gossip". And that just isn't true. With the NTM installed, sims will STILL gossip, but they will NOT store the things that they (hear) gossip about in their memories.

Hoping to have helped,
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