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#2226 Old 19th Dec 2018 at 3:48 PM
Originally Posted by Manderz0630
It' nice to know you're a fan of Seth. But, you already know him Leah.

Looks more like she wants to introduce herself specifically to his chest.

Toddler 1 of my couple's household has every Toddler Skill at max, except for still a third of Thinking left to increase to 5. Toddler 2 is lagging a bit behind, still needing some Thinking and Imagination. I hope the extra/special traits for aging a toddler up after maxing all skills is worth it. I do know that, if I ever do a 100 baby challenge in Sims 4, maxing those skills will NOT be a requisit to age up 'early'. Maybe getting all skills to level 2 or 3.

I also decided to finally make my own holiday. "Not Halloween". My sims were supposed to wear costumes, put up spooky decoration, and hand out trick or treat to kids knocking on their door. ONE kid came to knock... though dressing the toddlers up in costume was adorable. I would've liked to have added the spooky theme, too, but that says to interact with ghosts, aliens, or vampires. I don't have GTW installed (or Vampires at all), and I don't know where to easily find ghosts in this game. That doesn't involve killing my own sims.
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#2227 Old 20th Dec 2018 at 9:22 PM
My sim had 18k followers, then I made her do a commertial for a big product on her blog, and she lost them ALL! Hey!! That's not fair!! *CRYING BIG TEARS IN BED*
#2228 Old 20th Dec 2018 at 9:31 PM
Originally Posted by Volvenom
My sim had 18k followers, then I made her do a commertial for a big product on her blog, and she lost them ALL! Hey!! That's not fair!! *CRYING BIG TEARS IN BED*

They all figured out she did it only for the money #fakeinfluencer
dodgy builder
#2229 Old 21st Dec 2018 at 3:40 PM
Originally Posted by Chax
They all figured out she did it only for the money #fakeinfluencer

Yea, I'm curious though. EA is political, and it's not realistic. On the other hand, who can blame a game for being unrealistic? LOL. She's a level 4 star though. Getting more followers should be a walk in the park, but I know it's not, because there doesn't seem to be a connection. You can be a top celebrity and struggle with 50 followers on every blogupdate.
#2230 Old 22nd Dec 2018 at 12:28 AM
I am now playing the older Nielsen family, dads Henrik and Erik (they are twins married to twins, Heidi and Freja) are now level 3 celebrities, they are Hall of Famers so I decided they should be famous. I had them attend the last Meet-A-Celeb event, and then I sent the family to Granite Falls for their summer vacation, as I have been doing since the oldest were children. See, this is why I love seasons so much!

Magnus comes over and visits often, as does Axel. Both are young adults, married and have children. Magnus worries about his younger brother Ivan, that he'll take the same path he did and end up a teen dad (not planned). So he tries to come over a lot and mentor him and just spend time with him. Ivan does already have a girlfriend, and she's gorgeous. Magnus just doesnt want him to face some of the same difficulties he did.

The last two kids, Amaja and Danjal are now toddlers but here is how they'll look as young adults:

This is Danjal who is brother to Axel and Kjeld.

Amaja, sister to Magnus and Ivan. She looks a lot like her mom, but she's got her dad's lips and ears, and his coloring.

After the family vacation is over, I'll play Magnus or Axel next... or maybe Henry!

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#2231 Old 24th Dec 2018 at 5:24 AM
I just started doing a Black Widow challenge in Sims 4. Unintentionally, I moved my sim, Brianna Yates (thank you random generator), next door to the Goth family. I did not realize it until they showed up as the welcome wagon. She built a quaint little starter house with what funds she had. With the restriction of not being able to work, I saw an opportunity when the Goth family came to welcome her.

Brianna talked with them for hours, until Bella left. Before Mortimer could follow suit, she invited him to hang out...for the rest of the day. During that time, Brianna then managed to convince him to leave Bella and become her boyfriend. With some persistence the next day, embarrassing herself several times in the process, she finally got him to accept her proposal.

All was nice and peachy during the wedding. But then, Mortimer decided for some reason it was smart to flirt with Bella in front of Brianna during the wedding's reception. Brianna managed to hide her anger from him for now. But, I think he will not last long once she decides how she's gonna kill him off.

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#2232 Old 24th Dec 2018 at 5:37 AM
Originally Posted by spidergirl79

I was pretty darn excited to see my sim's autograph with her actual picture! I love this!

Wait. How'd you do that? Whenever my sims sign autographs it always looks like they're signing a gray blob.

The Receptacle still lives!
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#2233 Old 24th Dec 2018 at 1:14 PM
My Sim is new in the city. He moved into a small apartment, and when the neighbours all came to greet him, he had a special surprise for them... He set the apartment on fire with them inside. They all ran away. Committed insurance fraud while he was at it!

After cleaning up a little (though leaving one of the completely burnt out rooms be for now), he went to explore the city and surrounding towns a bit. Met a nice and funny girl at a library, though socialising is a bit hard when everyone gets really tense around you all the time. (I gave him the Creepy custom trait.) They had a nice chat while the second floor was burning down, and before he left, he got into a fight with the snobbish leader of the Good Timers club.

Out of pure spite, my Sim went to the Good Timers club's gathering place, a small bar in Windenburg, and started a fire in the restroom. Three people died. But the club leader made it out alive. He'll get him eventually...

Back home, he got a bit bored and decided to just start singing for a couple of hours. An idea was born! He bought a guitar and practiced until the neighbours came to shut him up (which he ignored). Thanks to Get Together, he then started a death metal band called Purgatory. I made custom band shirts and even a club flag for them! One of the members is the one neighbour he hasn't made his enemy yet, and the third member is the lady he met at the library.

He rebuilt the burnt out room in his apartment into a band practice room.

His next objective was to get a bit of fame, so he went to the more glamorous locations. His girlfriend invited him to meet a celebrity at the Orchid lounge. He spotted the celebrity, who was surrounded by fans and paparazzi. My Sim walked straight up to him and told him a gross joke. Hanging out with celebrities is boring, however, so he convinced the bouncer to let him into the VIP lounge, where he took a few selfies before burning it down. One person died.

Visiting the Stargazer Lounge soon after, he and his band performed all evening, earning some nice tips and also his Notable Newcomer rank. Too bad that a celebrity showed up at some point and stole the show. My Sim almost got into a fight with some brick shithouse fan that evening.

Unfortunately, the library girl kept either leaving early or skipping the band meetings, so he met up with her at the Old Quarter Inn bar and kicked her out. It was a shame, cause they kind of had a fling of sorts going on.

He's currently looking for a new third band member, but it's tough because with his explosive temper he has made more enemies than friends by now.
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#2234 Old 24th Dec 2018 at 2:11 PM
a few days ago i started a legacy challenge for the first time, and i really want to try and get as many gens as possible.
i usually play with a family to gen 2 and then get bored, because im doing the perfect family thing, u know?
well i'm just thinking that im gonna do whatever i think sounds cool now, and it really works!!

so much dumb ass stuff is happening and im laughing so much while playing, it's great.
my family consists of alien mom Zhora Lazuli and her not-girlfriend (i forgot about the part where you get together in a relationship so they're not really anything at this point)
they have 3 children together, Oola Lazuli, Puneep Lazuli and Guy Lazuli (i randomized and that was literally the perfect name for the only guy in the family)
recently zhora's not-girlfriend has taken a liking to father christmas, and has now given birth to a beautiful little girl, which my dad named christopher columbus.
im not sure who's going to be the heir yet, but i think i'm going with guy, since he's the weirdest of them all. he always wear sunglasses and is somehow always the happiest among all my sims.
#2235 Old 26th Dec 2018 at 11:24 PM
So I'm playing Henry right now, and he's a cop... two children, married to Elsa Bjergsen. I want his children to age up (to child an teen), plus Henry isn't far off from becoming an adult.

I downloaded this police uniform and it seems it's default. I don't mind that. The only thing I don't like about it is that it says "Officer" instead of Simlish but I can deal with it. I like the addition of a gun, baton, and other accessories that cops would have.

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#2236 Old 27th Dec 2018 at 3:52 AM
Ava reached top level celebs, and now it's time for bed. She knows so many people and still needs better charisma skills, and a few others. She earned enough for me to pay for the rest of the furniture in the house, but the house is massive. She has a reduction on the bills each week, and it seems to pay more than the actually salary she has as an influencer.


It's been a produtive xmas.

I hope you all have a Merry xmas and a Happy new year
#2237 Old 27th Dec 2018 at 6:50 AM
So the default police uniforms are awesome, except that it includes a motorcycle helmet, which looks silly since there are no motorcycles and all cops work in teh station so... basically I found a way to remove it. I just use MCCC, select Dresser, Randomise part, Randomize HAT, and when I do that it removes the helmet 100% of the time.

So this couple are married, they met at the police station, I noticed tehy were always kissing, so I moved them in together, married them to each other, and I feel better knowing they're together. But thanks to MCCC, I can make them do things to each other using the CONTROL.

So I made them woohoo in the closet (I've modified the police station), and then I made them try for baby. So now they're going to have a child together. I always wanted to do something with them. They live in a small home in Brindleton Bay. Hopefully she won't go into labour at work.

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
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#2238 Old 1st Jan 2019 at 3:38 AM Last edited by ferckast : 1st Jan 2019 at 5:27 AM.
Twas the night before Winterfest, and all through the Asylum there was crying...two poor girls had frozen to death steps away from the front door after their shift at work.

All made peace with it and went about their usual shenanigans the rest of the night. Come Winterfest itself, Natalia really got in the spirit of season. She made the other girls a grand ham dinner, she did something else she gave a present to Father Winter himself, received one in return, and got the other girls to sing with them and tried getting them in the spirit of the season. That's when it went wrong. One of the girls thought Father Winter wouldn't give her a gift; so rather than asking for one from him, this happened.

#2239 Old 1st Jan 2019 at 6:34 AM
Sooo the couple in my game named Nicholas and Amaya... I had them try for baby in the closet at the police station while playing my sim Henry. I don't play Nicholas and Amaya, so the birth and naming was out of my control. I made them try for baby by using CONTROL through MCCC.

(This couple are sims generated for the detective career, they happened to fall in love at the police station and I moved them in together and married them)

It was a girl.

I decided after about a game week to go check on the baby and age her up.

This is the best part: The game named her Nicola. Her dad's name is Nicholas. In a beautiful coincidence, the game named the baby girl after her daddy. And she looks just like him...

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
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#2240 Old 5th Jan 2019 at 5:24 AM
My reclusive five-star celebrity bachelor who lives in a cabin in the woods and only comes out to take his dog to the vet was RUDELY abducted by aliens. I've had lots of sims taken by aliens in Sims 4, and thought nothing of it. I had him write books and publish videos like "Aliens Among Us" "The True Story Of My Abduction", that sort of thing. But...he got pregnant. Since he's a massive geek, I had him name the baby Kal-el. I also turned his kitchen into a set for filming, since that's where most of his videos are done -- he's a celebrity chef who does cooking vids and writes cookbooks. He flirted with a woman before I remembered he already had a partner, and the woman he cheated WITH called him to chide him about cheating with someone. Hey, it takes two to tango!
If that weren't enough, when playing my save with a Sim in the police career, stiiiil trying to get his promotions to explore the career in full, HE got abducted and pregnant. I decided to give that baby up. I haven't had a pregnancy from alien abduction in alllll the time I've been playing, since June, despite a pretty frequent rate of it, and now I have two in as many days?! It didn't stop him from doing his first interrogation, but I did't know how it worked so at first he just sat there looking depressed at the suspect. Then he peed his pants. The subject was so anxious to get out of the room they confessed. Also, three people randomly died in prison. The place probably needs to be investigated. On the bright side, my struggling cop is now a lieutenant and making enough money to give his daughter a proper bedroom. She was sleeping in a 4x3 room that also housed a television set, a couch, and a computer desk. Now the bed, the television, and the computer desk are in three SEPARATE rooms! Such luxury.
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#2241 Old 10th Jan 2019 at 2:22 AM
I created a new household when I installed Get Famous. Well, I created a couple of new households, but I have been faithfully playing Jill Swanson, now Jill Gooseberry. She's an actress and she has worked her way up to the B-List and she's at level 6 or so in the actress career. She really enjoys it and she's had some fascinating adventures so far.

Let's start from the beginning.

Jill moved in next door to Gabe and Trace (forgot their last names even though I made them, lol.) She and Gabe hit it off. They became besties and he is also an actor, so they had a lot in common and got along great. I thought romances would be part of the relationship, but it just never got that far, even though Gabe has suggested he wanted more (has asked her out on dates a few times,) but Jill is always busy with work.

Jill is also an avid cat lover and had two cats, Peaches and Brownie. Brownie is always getting into trouble with squirrels. She has spent many countless hours at the vet's office because of this. One day though, she met Eliza and her brother Lucas Gooseberry. She was attracted to Lucas right away and right after the vet they went out on a date.

Their date went well and Brownie tagged along. Also, a vampire photo bombed, lol.

I can't remember this celeb's name, but I noticed the paps in the restaurant and the celebrity must have been on a date as well with Travis Scott. Later on I noticed she was pregnant and the father was Travis Scott. Looks like both dates went well that day!

It really was a fairytale romance. Jill wasn't sure she had room in her life for love, but Lucas fit in perfectly and gave her all the space she needed for work.

Lucas proposed and of course Jill said yes.

Their wedding was probably my favorite event I've ever had in game.

Jill was a cheerleader and Lucas was a pizza delivery guy for Halloween.

Jill becoming an official adult. It was a great party, no one wanted to leave, lol.

Lucas is a personal trainer, so they decided to hit the gym one day shortly after Jill became a B-List celeb. It was interesting to say the least. Jill loves her fans, so she really got to know them and took a bunch of photos.

So Jill went out for a night on the town with the girls, but Gabe somehow tagged along even though I didn't invite him. Then it got crazy and fans and paps showed up, so Jill played a little piano for them. I don't know what this guy was doing, but it looked like he was a journalist or something, writing a story or critique about her, lol. It made for a good shot.

Jill didn't feel well at the restaurant, so she went home early and discovered she was finally expecting! She and Lucas had been trying for a while. She hasn't delivered yet, but she is expecting a boy and she and Lucas are more in love than ever.

Some shots from work.

Bonus shot from a different family. The dad decided to sleep on top of the covers, naked. A lot of strange nakedness happens in my game due to whickedwhims, lol. During the night on the town outing with Jill, the server was naked and during her birthday party, a guest arrived topless. I sent her home for the sake of the photos, lmao.

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#2242 Old 10th Jan 2019 at 2:58 AM
my teenage celebrity got fan mail she was a child fame star
#2243 Old 10th Jan 2019 at 6:18 AM Last edited by kewpie : 14th Jan 2019 at 2:42 PM.
I haven't played in a few months, so I thought I'd ease into things slowly. I started a new legacy challenge on the biggest lot, BUT I wasn't just pushing my sim to meet someone and marry on the first date. Took things nice and slow so I wouldn't get burned out. After several dates they eloped in the club because they couldn't quite afford a wedding and still pay the bills. I decided one try for baby in the club closet on the way home. I figured I'd just have one baby and not spend too much time stressing on being the perfect parent.

BAM! First time ever -- my sims had triplets. I had to get rid of most of their furniture just to fit the babies in the house. Their toilet is clogged. The bathroom and kitchen sink is broken, the shower doesn't work. They can't afford a nanny AND I have both of them working full time -- just taking turns having a day off. They need the promotion money so they can afford to buy at least one tub and make a bedroom so the kids dont end up sleeping in the living room and everyone has to stand to watch TV. Right now, the parents just take turns taking care of the babies. they sleep whenever they can get a second, but they are never fully rested. They snatch some yogurt every once in a while when they get a chance. When they go into the red, I have them drop everything and dance until they're not totally depressed. They take it easy at work, so they have more fun at work than at home!

I should have known. Thats a pretty typical legacy... so much for taking things slow and easy! Ha!

Edited to add Thanksgiving Gnome or whatever screen shots. Things are not going well.I swear I didn't do it on purpose. It was bad luck and maybe laziness on my part that turned this into a very special holiday.

e. They took over the living room. They couldn’t afford a table for the fall holiday. Actually, they can’t afford more than one chair in the kitchen. So the family ate scrambled eggs on the toddler beds.

the mom sim has the mean trait, but she’s rarely mean. But she was just mean enough to get invited to join the renegades the day before the holiday. I didn’t even read anything or look at the club. I didn’t know their club activity was sabotage. One of them kicked a gnome. The rest of them started destroying everything in the house. then the angry gnomes destroyed everything as well. They also threw trash and made everything in the house filthy. It took almost 48 sim hours to fix the house after the holiday. Somehow, they managed to have good memories of it — even though dad couldn’t think of anything to be thankful for.

An aside. When I had space issues on previous legacies, I'd just put things outdoors when there was no room and I couldn't afford to expand. But thanks to Seasons, my toddlers would start freezing and crying about it being too cold. So I put three toddler potties in the hallway. With triplets, there is always at least one toddler on the potty. Since my sim parents didn't care about seeing their kids on the potty, I didn't think much about it. All of the guests kept gasping and freaking out over seeing toddlers on the toilet. Wolfgang refused to come in the house.

So yeah. This is .. one of THOSe legacies!
#2244 Old 13th Jan 2019 at 8:15 AM
I stopped playing Henry. His son is 11 days away from teenagehood. I stopped playing because his son was 'stuck' at school. Wouldn't come home (even though he was IN the house). Entering CAS wouldn't fix it so I decided to just switch households. Next time I play him, it should be fine. I'm not worried.

I'm playing Magnus and his family because Dammit I love that kid and I missed him a ton.

His daughter wasn't having a great day. Set herself on fire TWICE doing laundry.

But her step mom, dad and granddad saved her life. Whew! Gotta watch that kid.

And now Magnus is a Proper Celebrity! He is my highest ranking celebrity.

Damn proud of that boy, he's come a long way since his struggle as a teen dad.

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#2245 Old 18th Jan 2019 at 1:40 PM
I’ve finished making my Farming neighborhood and am about to start actually playing the Sims I’ve put in it. May start with the teen brothers who live in a seriously awful cottage. They have a cow, by the way and some chickens.
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#2246 Old 20th Jan 2019 at 1:31 PM
Haven't played in forever, Dragon Quest 11 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 took up all of my time but I've decided to go back to my legacy family who is still on Gen 3 after one year. I can't go back fully to that save though because I still have a different one to decide the Gen 3 heiress of that household by making two sisters compete against each other in the fame game. Who will be the first to reach the five star celebrity mark... Artemis who is a fashion icon/photographer or Minerva who is an actress/musician?

Artemis had her first fan meet and greet. Her fashion blog has a lot of followers and she knows how to play the lady in front of her admirers so the event was a raging sucess.

Minerva also has found her niche: She's starring in a lot of film versions of musicals. Her guitar and singing skill are right up with her acting skill. Only problem: The storylines are always pretty cliche. She's secretly hoping for more demanding character work.

The sisters are still getting along well and they've decided to adopt a black kitten together. Little Nyx is a rambunctious adventurer and doesn't need a lot of attention so she's a perfect fit for the household.

When it comes to their love life, everything is pretty complicated. Artemis is so famous, she doesn't meet a lot of guys that don't know who she is. She's currently dating one of her awkward geek stans...that can't be a healthy choice but it came up as one of her wishes and I guess she has to learn it the hard way... at least she was smart enough to bring her sister on their first date in case he wanted to abduct Artemis and keep her in a showcase in his basement or stuff like this

Minerva only had her first kiss in front of a camera but I guess it's a good thing, she's extremely focused on her career because...

...her sister is ahead in the fame game currently. She's now so well-known, even her gnomes have star potential while near her
#2247 Old Yesterday at 12:53 AM
So my dear Magnus finally made it and is level 5 celebrity! Global super star! When the fans arrived for his placement ceremony, the first fan to arrive was his younger brother Ivan. He's still mentoring him to try and help keep him out of the same troubles he had as a teenager, and the great thing is, that Ivan totally idolizes his brother, so he's more likely to listen to his advice now. The second person to show up was Magnus father in law!

He wanted another baby, so he and his wife Terri tried and had a son (after she ate a bunch of carrots. He's already got 2 daughters so I thought a son would be nice.)

His name is Jannik, (Yannik).

He took the family on vacation for 5 days at Granite falls, as is the tradition every summer. While they were there, I spotted my favorite sim Sterling Woodward wearing one of Magnus' outfits. I thought that was pretty neat!

Here are some pictures of Magnus as a teen dad vs young adult dad. You can really see the difference. He looked so young! He was very young...

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
#2248 Old Yesterday at 9:04 PM
I’ll post some pics soon. My toddlers aged up twice since I last posted. They just turned teen. I’ve been choosing everything randomly with the trait generator. One of the girls is insane, unflirty and has the serial romantic ambition. I have no idea if she can do it,
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