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The single mother Challenge
Hi,I have been thinking of this challenge for forever!! sorry if there is something else out there like this i know about the single father challenge and all but nothing else so please don't hurt me XD so lets start with the background story!!!

Background story:One night in Bridge Port or in starlight shores,You went to a local bar and found yourself talking to a handsome stranger i'm talking like the rock hot anyways after one kiss that's when it become wild and went all blurry and soon to be all black,You wake up to see an empty bed with only you in it beside you was a note and a pregnancy test the note read "Hey take the pregnancy test just in back in a few" You then ended up seeing the pregnancy test results be positive you were shocked to find this out..He then came to your hotel to see the results he then said you were worthless and all you ever wanted was money he then slammed the door in your face with only 10,000 to your name you try and find your way to the top while taking care of your family.

The rules
1:You may not use any type of cheat unless your sim is close to death,No money cheats
2:You may create a family of four or three depending on if your sim had twins or not
3:You may buy a house after you have $20,000 or more you can build a house if you want
4:You need the lifespan to be long or normal you may not use short lifespan

You need a female or you can create the family then kill off the father or you may move him out whichever you like
The mother:use cc all you like for the other members
Traits:If you have no expansions use the base game ones or you may use the expansions traits make her a natural cook,Family orientated,Handy,Flirty,And any other trait
Looks:Make her unique in her own way

The daughter or son needs to either athletic and Brave or Virtuoso and artistic

The father can be like so hot that he melts ice and make him star quality and a musician make him a 5 star celebrity [You may use the cheats for him to become a 5 star and for your female to befriend him]

Gameplay:Make them try for a baby or risky woohoo whichever make the two the mother and unborn child live in unhealthy conditions make the shack yourself or download it off of somewhere XD

How you win the challenge: is you need to find another "True love" And move them in get married have two or one more child together,The first accidental child Must get all A's in school,Have 5 generations,And have no deaths

How you lose the challenge:All of the sims die,Your first sim dies alone with no other children,You have less than 5 generations,You run out of money,And your child or children are taken from you

If you start a youtube series on this challenge please shout me out on my you tube channel and Google+ account both are called Rebel Games good luck and have fun simming -Rebellious
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Gonna do this
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ooooOOOooOO sounds like my fav family in sims 2! I'm gonna do this...

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Default Cool
This sounds like so much fun. I think I'll try this.
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Seems fun.
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