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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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#651 Old 6th Oct 2018 at 8:31 AM
Originally Posted by sugoisama
I think I've only seen a 3 bolt attraction before...

I'm pretty sure we've all seen 3 bolt attraction; it's not that rare, in general. It's just that some sims are more difficult to find 3LB mates for, because of having difficult sign/aspiration combinations. I find that makes the game interesting, though, and the only things I'll typically change when trying to affect chemistry is appearance (hats, glasses, makeup, etc) or TOs. I've got one sad, lonely sim in Four Corners-Bitville who's yet to meet an appropriate sim with 3LB attraction; he has met a sim with 3LB, but she's already part of a poly quad he'd have no interest in joining.

Originally Posted by sugoisama
I don't really think it would be for "a woman's honor", considering it is Alexander who kisses Lucy

If Buck thinks Lucy wasn't a fully willing participant or that Alexander manipulated her in any way, that would be exactly what "for a woman's honour" is supposed to mean.
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#652 Old 6th Oct 2018 at 8:38 AM
I get lots of three bolt attractions, even without planning it. To plan it, all you need to do is study Cyjon's analysis of how chemistry works and make your choices accordingly. ( http://www.cyjon.net/node/86) In the end, though, love can create boltage where there is none. I've seen one bolters turn into two-bolters before my eyes during a good date. And then there's the fact that not all elements are stable, as many turn-ons (unemployed, hard worker, hats and hair colors, skill points) change with time.

I appear not to have understood the intended motivation for the fight. I assumed that the reason for hitting Alexander would be that Alex kissed Lucy against her will; in which case, that is exactly what fighting for a woman's honor would be about. If it's just jealousy I don't see the point of it at all.

In the end, you have to play the way that's fun for you. If it were me, I'd let Lucy make up her mind who she wanted, and let the fights emerge from the characters. Always leave yourself room for a Better Idea. You needn't be in any rush to pair Lucy up. Maybe she'll meet a nice butch girl who could fight for her, if it came to that...

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#653 Old 6th Oct 2018 at 9:29 AM
Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
love can create boltage where there is none. I've seen one bolters turn into two-bolters before my eyes during a good date.

I've moved a brand new couple in only to be disappointed that their chemistry isn't as high as I'd hoped/expected it would be..and then low and behold, they interact and it jumps to the next level.

Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
Maybe she'll meet a nice butch girl who could fight for her, if it came to that...

Hey now, a girl doesn't have to be particular butch to hold her own in a fight.
#654 Old 6th Oct 2018 at 12:02 PM Last edited by lordtyger9 : 6th Oct 2018 at 12:20 PM.
Originally Posted by sugoisama
You use those things to get 3 bolts? I thought it actually occured to other people naturally. I think I've only seen a 3 bolt attraction before...
@Peni Griffin
I don't really think it would be for "a woman's honor", considering it is Alexander who kisses Lucy, but I guess I'll see when Buck ages up and the two meet.

@sugoisama I usually use The Sim Modder for most of it and The Sim Blender for the few times that I change the Zodiac of a Sim.

In the game the Sim's Aspiration vis a vis the other Sim as well as their mutual turn ons and turn offs make a difference.

What I do is I choose Sims who match each other wel to start withl and then sometimes I change their Aspirations and sometimes I change turn ons and turn offs to get the best match. Once in a while if I have a story line where I want to have a particular match I might change their Zodiac.

For example I have Lilith Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer. If I have Lilith set as a Fortune Sim and Dirk set as a Knowledge Sim they have two bolts. If I make one change and set Dirk to be a Fortune Sim they now have three bolts.

Lilith is an Aquarius and does not have a high level of Neatness, so according to the way I play my Sims she is going to be a Family Sim or a Fortune Sim and to me it makes sense to have Lilith be a Fortune Sim. Dirk is a Virgo and I would make him a Knowledge Sim or a Fortune Sim, so if I want him to have three bolts with Lilith he is a Fortune Sim.

I forget what their Turn Ons and Turn Offs are, but they are compatiable.

I hope that my example makes it more clear. I gained my knowledge of this by studying Cyjon's page, check it out for a complete explanation.

Cyjon did a intensive study of Chemistry in the Sims and very kindly shares his expertise here.

I would look at the possible partners including Townies and see if I could find a match with at least two bolts and then if I would see if making a few adjustments would make those two sims have three bolts. It is possible that you might find that there is more than one match with three bolts. I would not include matches with one bolt.

First thing to do if you want to improve a particular match is see what happens if you change the Turn Ons and Turn Off. Then maybe change Aspirations.

Basically you should go to Cyjon's page that Peni and I both reference and then you can adjust the Aspirations if needed and sometimes changing Turn Ons and Turn Off are all that is needed, sometimes the Aspiration make a big difference as in my example.

Then I would pick the match that had the best bolt level. If none of the matches have a decent bolt level I would create a Sim to suit. Hopefully you have several good choices, in that case I would pick the match that you liked best.

Buck may be an excellent match. Also if Buck has feelings for her he might be much more aggressive in defending her than you would otherwise expect.

I would not rule anything out in advance and like I noted above Chemistry is Mutuable and three bolts is not really hard to achieve if you change a few things around especially the Turn Ons and Turn Off.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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#655 Old 9th Oct 2018 at 11:24 PM
It's not about a story, as such, but I do have a bit of a dilemma regarding the 'hood set-up for a Strangetown/Widespot combo 'hood that I've been toying with.

Very brief backstory is that there was a failed rocket launch at Strangetown military base about 20 sim-days ago, which killed, injured and/or traumatised a lot of sims, both military and otherwise. Many sims moved away from the area, leaving behind empty homes, unoccupied shops and a mostly-abandoned military base, as SimNation's military operations relocated to Bigg City.

But recently the powers-that-be decided that Strangetown military base should be made useful again and have partially reopened the base as, primarily, a military training college. Several military households have moved (back) to the area, which may also help to regenerate Strangetown itself.

My dilemma is as follows. In my game I have military service - all males who don't attend college spend a week in the military, which puts them at risk of death/disability each time they go to work. But I can't decide whether to have the sims doing military service - which is active service, not training - based in Strangetown or in Bigg City. What kind of active servicey things could they be doing if they were based in Strangetown? And if I do have them living in Strangetown, should they be housed in a separate barracks or in a combined barracks with the officers-in-training (YA's studying Military Studies) and the unmarried junior officers?

All thoughts on the matter are appreciated!
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#656 Old 10th Oct 2018 at 12:39 AM
Lots of active duty things to do at a training facility. Permanent staff will be mostly engaged in training, maintenance, support, or administration; and the chance of death or disability will be low unless the training has a higher than usual irreducible risk. Somebody has to work on the planes, maintain and keep track of the motor pool, staff the BX and Commissary, etc.

One military installation is likely to attract others. The location in the desert makes Strangetown a good choice for Research & Development and testing new tech. The clear atmosphere also favors jobs involving long-range sensors and detection of high-altitude threats. If it has a training focus it may train in more and more different things over the years, since it's easier to add to an existing classroom/training ground infrastructure than to start a new one. It seems like every single time my father was sent TDY to learn something new, he went to Biloxi, MS, regardless of what he was learning.

That said, Bigg City will have better infrastructure and be a more attractive location for many military purposes than Strangetown will. Large military hospitals, R&D that doesn't involve devices that pose a significant danger to the public or to national security, cryptoanalysis, actual command centers, etc., are more likely to be situated in cities, where the military won't have to supply all the housing, private contractors are more readily accessible, and social life doesn't have to be focused on the base. So, speaking as a military brat living in a military town, I'd decide what a soldier's specialty is and house those who aren't directly involved in Strangetown's special functions live in Bigg City, possibly in civilian housing.

As for military housing - you don't house officers and men together, or active duty and trainees together, unless you have a space shortage; and then you'd maintain as much spatial distinction as possible. Trainees will have a more traditional barracks arrangement, since training is by definition a temporary duty assignment, while active duty service may be housed in a dorm, apartments, single-family residences, or turned loose to find their own housing off base, depending on their status and the resources available. Officers, obviously, get nicer housing than enlisted men, and sometimes it's very nice indeed!

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#657 Old 10th Oct 2018 at 6:40 AM
Originally Posted by lauratje86
What kind of active servicey things could they be doing if they were based in Strangetown?

Patrols! Okay, first, let me say that I have nowhere near Peni's knowledge and real life experience on the subject. But I do have pages of ideas/rulesets for TS2, including a military section in my Ridiculously Long List of Build A Town Rules and I have rather detailed guides on setting up mafias/gangs, creature factions/clans, establishing a chain of command, and going to war. Sadly, I've yet to actually be in a position to test them all, but maybe it'd be help to share ideas?

So the purpose of my military is to "protect any settlement from invasion by foreign creatures," with foreign creatures being anything from inhabitants of a foreign nation/city state to supernatural creatures to a fictional gnome army. Or anyone the Mayor or General declares to be an enemy of the hood, really. Military sims--I lean toward smaller scale, so all military sims, regardless of rank would be on one lot in my hood--would follow a training & operations schedule, and then 2-3 times per week, go on patrol to keep the peace. Ideally the military always has targets, even if they're not openly at war, and while on patrol (in small, manageable groups of 2-3 sims) they would look for troublemakers, known criminals, and of course, the "dreaded" supernaturals. If an enemy is spotted, military sims will fight the enemy sim; if victorious, I have rules on when to capture vs kill an enemy--pretty much every type of sim except zombies have a chance for survival or escape. (Zombies are always killed by my military. They take the apocalypse very seriously.) Anyway, if the sim loses, then the rest of the patrol can take a turn to fight, rpg style. I get a little involved in my notes; there's chances for escape, for being killed in battle, and even on how to spot a supernatural (to make it fair, a creature has to be "visible" or, if they have no revealing skin tone, use their powers/flash their wand around, etc.) Same can be done with the police, too, though police would probably be more inclined to capture and jail enemies and be more worried about finding criminals than supernaturals. I also have rules on who gets to be General and how the General has to fight to maintain his or her status, but I'm not sure how relevant that is. And of course when I play the supernaturals they have chances and rules for being aggressive and starting wars, capturing hostages, or brokering for peace, going into hiding, etc.

And wow, I can't believe I summed up all my lore in just one paragraph for once! Anyway, when I came up with my initial ideas, it was mainly as a part of an integrated hood scenario where I was looking for practical ways to play out each sim career. Training and then patrolling are pretty simple to do, I think. But now, after some more thought, there are other areas to go into. Consider all the military does in real life, not just in active fighting zones. The military often administers aid to foreign countries and, in the case of the national guard & coast guard, provides emergency services as well. So you could totally set up one base as R&D, using it as a home for all the occult research & top secret, Area 51 type stuff. Like maybe the Strangetown base is trying to make a Captain Simerica super soldier or something, and all the grunts there are being used for experiments that have a chance for turning them into some kind of mutant creature. Or, you know, maybe it's just science & technology stuff and everyone is building robots. Another base could be more of a ROTC like program to train doctors, lawyers, etc. And, if you plan to implement any disasters in your hood, maybe the military provides emergency services & shelters and runs things like soup kitchens and charities, mixing in regular military duties with Red Cross and Salvation Army services.

As for who should be housed where, well, for me it's not so much a question of who would realistically be put where, but how many households do you want to play. Only you know how big of a hood is too big and how many sims are just too many. Personally, I'd start small and group everyone in the military together to keep the rotation list short. That doesn't mean you have to house officers with grunts, however; you could make dummy apartments where you build several housing units on one residential lot. Or, conversely, you could make the training base a community lot that gets played when you play your General or Mayor. Military sims could then live where ever, and just report for duty when it's time for the base to be played. That also might be a good option if playing large households all the time gets overwhelming and starts to become more about housekeeping and motive upkeep rather than military training.

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#658 Old 20th Oct 2018 at 7:12 AM
Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I guess it's not the worst. I'm brainstorming a new idea for a hood/challenge, and I'm making up more poetic/medieval sounding titles for the Hobby Iconics. Games Iconic is "Gambler," Science Iconic is "Alchemist," Nature Iconic is "Ranger," Music & Dance Iconic is "Troubadour," etc. I've got something I like for every Iconic but the Cuisine one, which is where I'm completely stumped. Can't simply be the "Chef" because there are at least two NPCs with very similar titles already (Restaurant Chef, Cafeteria Chef) and each is going to have a role in the story/challenge, where the Hobby Iconics are going to take on the role of "overseers" of sorts to other NPCs, so the Cuisine Iconic will "outrank" the Restaurant and Cafeteria Chefs (as well as the Bartender and Barista). Cuisine Iconic needs something unique that suggests a sort of important status and suits the feel I'm trying to create. Best I could come up with is "Critic," but it feels far too general.
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#659 Old 20th Oct 2018 at 9:04 AM
connoisseur perhaps?
#660 Old 20th Oct 2018 at 9:17 AM
Originally Posted by existerande
connoisseur perhaps?

OMG, I can't believe I hadn't thought of that! /head-desk
Thank you very much!
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