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Default Slavery Challenge
WARNING if you are easily offended by slavery do NOT read this.. Now that this is gone over, you HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
~Inspired by the 1970 event of Colleene Stan, girl in the box~
You are a 19 year old girl/boy, hitchhiking the roads of _____, you see a car, and deside to ride the next mile to your destination. It is a couple. The girl invites you into the car.. You then stop at a gas station and buy a few snacks. After this, the car 'runs out of gas' you get out, aswell as the other two people, you ask if you could help before someone walks behind you, a gag slips on your eyes, as someone puts a knife to your throught and covers your mouth, throwing you into the car.
WELCOME TO THE SLAVERY CHALLENGE! This is KC, and I am here with my first challenge! I hope you enjoy this!
Your character, the slave, may be male or female, with the age of teen, they are good looking, and must have the traints,
- Adventurous
- Green Thumb
- Master Cook
The rest MUST be random generated.
The male slave owner, must be a YA, and have the traints,
- Evil
- Mooch
The rest MUST be random generated
The female slave owner, must be YA, and have the traints,
- Bookworm
- Computer Whiz
- Hopeless Romantic
- Neurotic
1 : If the police SEE your slave and slave owners, you AUTOMATICLY loose.
2 : You can ONLY have an rented, rundown house with a cheap fridge, ect, you MUST have a basement with a very small space/room, with a bed, and bathroom.
3 : The female slave owner feeds and waters the slave once at night.
4 : When the slave is a YA, the two slave owners must either
A - If they did already have a child, then have the female pregnant again
B - If they do NOT have a child.. The female MUST be pregnant.
5 : No cheats, other then reset sim.
6 : The Sim has to be a single letter name once a slave ((When YA)) his/her name is ANY letter from the alphabet.
7 : After this, you may create another sim, which will be another slave. Repete the prossess, you may skip rule #4 though.
8 : To increase difficulty, you could have five slaves!
9 : If the female/male slave owner divorses the male/female slave owner, you win the game when the remaining slave owner marries you, and has atleast one child.
10 : If not, you win the game when you go with the divorsing slave owner, and precede on a bus, to go to any sims house, (Pretend it is your family)
I would love to see some folks play this! Put screenies in the comments! If you make a series, post that below aswell! Happy simming!
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Hi! I don't really understand the rules from #4. Who must be pregnant? The slave girl or the owner? Then #6 says we need to rename the character, and THEN there is a rule which says we need other slaves created... And I don't understand the divorce part either. Can you please explain it to me? ^^
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This could use some fixing/rephrasing to have this make more sense... Just some advice ^w^
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