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Default Bath curtain lost its dirty state!
Hi, it's me again.
Long ago, I cloned the cheap shower/tub combo and like everyone else, removed the ugly wall around it.
A few weeks back, I decided to start working on it again, but this time..adding a recolorable subset for the yellow curtain alone.
I only noticed it today that since, the curtain never gets dirty. The tub does.
So none of my 3 curtain recolors gets dirty. I personally think that's But it is not perfect then. And yes, all my recolors have both dirty/clean textures, and their corresponding txmt's.
Can it be fixed?

One more question. I also made a deco item that takes its texture from that curtain subset. Once I fix the dirty/clean state of my curtain (if possible)is it possible to add a dirty/clean state to that slave item as well, so it gets dirty/gets cleaned up when the bath & curtain gets dirty/gets cleaned up as well?
I tried..but then realize, my master object was missing a maybe what I did works, but it won't get dirty if the curtain subset does not!

Thank you.
I think I might have found it..text lists and bhav? I'll work on that.
So I added to the bhav, and text lists, and added my curtain string to it too.
No luck. Curtain still don't get dirty. But there is kind of a if the txmt changes..but my dirty textures do not get used.

Editing again,
My edits do not seem to be working, and I have other things to do!
I'll keep my curtains clean. *I* prefer them like that anyway.

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