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Default Questions about modifying Almighty Hat's Proportional Aging Mod
So I have Hat's aging mod and love most everything about it... except that adults age into elders at the equivalent of 46 years old. This is too young for my liking. I'd like to add more days to the adult stage and shave off an equal amount from the elder stage. I know that elders are calculated differently, in that they are awarded a variable amount of days depending on their aspiration at age-up plus some random factor. I've opened up the mod package in SimPE and fortunately it doesn't seem quite as frightening as I'd fear. Still, I'd like to see if I'm shooting in the right direction.

The BCONs for adults define a Min and a Max of 111, giving adults 112 days for that life stage. I'm guessing I simply need to increase both numbers by the amount of days I'd like to add on minus 1. Figuring out the days for elders seems a bit more involved. The BCONs for elders has a Min of 47 and a Max of 135. Gold elder aspiration bonus is 80, silver is 44, bronze is 16, normal is 0, and bad is -36. Hat says this gives a range of 12-216 days, I figured the lower number is if the base rolled is 47 and aspiration is red, resulting in 36 days subtracted from the base plus 1. And higher being the 135 with the bonus of 80.

I'm aiming to have my sims age from adult to elder at the equivalent of 60 years old versus 46, with 1 day equaling 3 months (4 days to a year). If I'm doing the math correctly, then I'll want a Min/Max of 167 days for adult (18-60 years old, minus the 1 day). So that seems simple enough. Now the elders stage...

Hat defines elder as being 46-100. The equivalent days is 216 (135 base + 80 bonus). For 60-100, it should be 160 days. She gives 49 as the youngest an elder can die, accounting for the 12 days as the lowest amount. My thought is the rest of it is mostly just deciding what minimum days I want, working out the base rolls should be, and figuring the difference for the various bonus levels. I'll probably want to leave at least a few days before an elder kicks the bucket, as I can imagine it would cause some issue if the bad aspiration bonus completely wiped the days left.

I think I have this right, but wouldn't mind someone else double-checking my thought process


All right, so I worked on it a bit more after posting and I think I've got it worked out!

Hat's default values for elders are:
Elder Min: 47
Elder Max: 135
Gold Elder Bonus: 80
Silver Elder Bonus: 44
Bronze Elder Bonus: 16
Normal Elder Bonus: 0
Bad Elder Bonus: -36

There are values for Highest, High, Good, Ok, and Lame Aspiration in the Elder section, but I'm guessing they simply define at what aspiration levels the bonuses are awarded.

Highest: 70
High: 35
Good: 10
Ok: -10
Lame: -40

This all results in an absolute range of a minimum of 12 days to a maximum of 216 days with bonus.

It seems fairly straight forward. The Elder Min and Max seem to be whatever days you'd like sims to live with only the normal bonus. Sort of an average lifespan range, I'd guess. Once that's chosen, as well the lowest possible and highest possible days, the rest can be figured out with a bit of math. I was confused at first that the wiki defined 6 aspiration levels (Platinum, Gold, Upper Green, Lower Green, Mild Red, and Deep Red) but the mod only defined 5. Though with further looking, I see the wiki mentions only 5 are taken into account for the elder bonus (Platinum, Gold, Green, Upper Red, and Lower Red). Since the levels in the mod aren't named the same, I can only guess they more or less correspond to those levels. Which is useful, since I can then decide how I want the bonuses to act. Very few of my sims ever hit red when aging up, so it seems I have the option of either setting the bronze bonus lower (to treat it more as a normal bonus) or adjust the Min/Max ranges to compensate for any added days. I do find it pretty fascinating that, if it's as simple as it seems, one could eschew the aspiration bonuses entirely (set them all to 0) and just use the Min/Max range.

Phew, so, these are the values I think I've settled on.

Elderhood: 60 - 105 years old, with death becoming possible starting at 61.

Lowest possible days: 4 days (1 year after turning elder)
Highest possible days: 180 days (45 years after turning elder)

Elder Min: 40 days (70 yrs old) (70-60=10, 10x4=40)
Elder Max: 140 days (95 yrs old) (95-60=35, 35x4=140)

There does seem to an extra step in figuring out the Gold bonus and the Bad bonus, as there is a 1 day difference between Hat's stated range in her download post and the value inputted in the mod. The lowest possible days an elder can live, for example, is given as 12 days. Except 47 (the Min value) minus 36 (Bad bonus) gives a result of 11 days. The same with the other side of the scale, 135 (Max value) plus 80 (Gold bonus) is 215 instead of the stated 216 as the longest an elder can live. Keeping all that in mind, I came up with:

Gold Bonus: 39 days (140+39=179, +1 to get to 180)
Silver Bonus: 17
Bronze Bonus: 0 (Assuming this is Green aspiration, which I tend to see as the default/normal/content level most would have)
Normal Bonus: -15
Bad Bonus: -37 (40-37=3, +1 to to 4)

For the Silver and Normal bonuses, I basically just took somewhat of a mid point between the gold/bronze and bronze/bad values that didn't seem too big of a jump. I think I like this better, as there isn't such a massive drop between having 0 days added and suddenly having a chunk of 36 days lost.

Ooof, I think that should do it!
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